Wednesday, May 03, 2006

4:46 PM Wednesday May 3, 2006

Truck update:

Nuttin' honey! Nuttin' new that is. Still waiting on the parts to arrive. Our neighbor here in the RV park is a former body and fender repair shop manager. He told Phil this morning that in most cases, the shop will assign one person to do the work from start to finish. That means until all the parts arrive, nothing is going to happen but the good news is that the parts should start arriving day after tomorrow. So ... maybe by Monday or Tuesday the repair work will begin.

Tomorrow morning we have an appointment at 8 AM for Penny the Pace to have her cab air conditioner recharged. I thought I could do without it until she goes in for her yearly checkup but we've decided to make sure it's working properly when we begin our drive north. Since we've been delayed, it just might be too hot to stay comfortable going down the road otherwise. We've been parked so long, there's lots to do to prepare her for travel again so I've been busy that last couple days cleaning up and putting things back where they belong. We do get lazy if we're not moving!

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