Wednesday, May 17, 2006

11:20 AM Wednesday May 17, 2006


Cousin Nada warned us ... we didn't believe it was true but each day that goes by without anything getting done on our little Lone Ranger confirms her statement, "nothing happens fast in Yuma ..." We will go back again today and hope to see some action. We know it's hot; we know it's summer; we know the population that lives here year-round has moved down into their lower gears but GEEZ ----- it's been a month since the accident this coming Saturday (5-20-06); the parts are here so what IS the holdup? They have no explanation, make no apologies and continue to tell Phil, "we might start the work tomorrow." What a way to run a railroad as my mother would have said!

I haven't said anything about my dear friend, Ardella lately. I am happy to report that she is doing very well. She is feeling so good she is having fun listing some of her treasures on e-bay. "paysonlady" (without quotes) is her seller name ... check it out. Her favorite sports team, the Phoenix Suns keeps her entertained on TV while her friends and big family surround her with love! We are all so pleased about her continued good health. Of course, her cancer hasn't gone away and her heart continues to work three times harder than normal to continue beating but her spirit is soaring as always. How we all love her and applaud her strength of mind and her courage. Ardella is a living example of "true grit" if ever there was one!

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