Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our new home base is full … I mean full and stacked to the ceiling. There is still more to box up but hopefully, we’ll have that all done and have room to shop for more treasures by next weekend. A friend that attended our favorite auction told me we missed a really good one on Friday night. Box lots went for 1 and 2 dollars! With those prices we can really make a tidy profit when we have our garage sale.

My sister, Robin had her first cataract surgery last Tuesday in California. Everything went well and so both of us now have one good eye with one to go. On Monday I had my first visit with my new cardiologist in Olympia, Dr. Wehrli. I later learned that he is considered one of the top five heart surgeons in the country. That was really good to hear and he seemed happy with my progress as well as the results of my blood work. He wants me to do a stress test for him and an echocardiogram to assess the function of my new valve so I have another appointment next month. If I pass that test (and I can’t imagine not considering how good I feel) I guess I’ll be able to relax for a while.

Our friends, Sandy and Ray returned from vacation and they had a wonderful round trip on Amtrak and a great visit with her son, his wife and Sandy’s grandchildren. They were happy to be home and their two kitties were very glad to see them. We met them for a welcome home breakfast at a local restaurant the next morning and had a great visit. I really enjoyed taking care of their furry babies for them while they were gone.

Carly had two soccer games this past week but I have no pictures. The first game on Monday, my camera had a dead battery and the 2nd game, we forgot the camera in the car.
Les and Phil went fishing on Monday but he forgot the camera and so of course, he caught the biggest fish he’s hooked yet. Of course, no pictures except on Les’s cell phone and we don’t know how to get the picture to my computer. I know everyone does it but we have yet to learn how.

Phil and I both went in for standard blood work this week and Phil had a sonogram of his abdomen to check for a possible aortic aneurism, which is common in former smokers over 60. There was no sign of one, which was great news. He also picked up the equipment for his sleep study and slept with it one night at home. The next morning, he returned the equipment and is waiting for the results.

My grandson, Joe came over to our new home base and went to work on the canopy on the trailer and the roof of the carport and shed. He is plugging all the holes with tar and refastening all the screws so the metal sheeting is secure again after years of neglect. While he was there, I forgot I was supposed to meet his mother, my daughter Bobbie at the auto mechanic’s shop where she was taking her car for some repair work. She tried to call me but unknown to me, I had dropped my phone out by our parking space by Penny the Pace and a young man named “Brian” answered. She was surprised to find a stranger on my phone and told him we would contact him about where to leave my phone. Phil, (who was at his doctor’s appointment when Bobbie reached him), called and told Brian to leave it at Rocks ‘n Rhinestones and then picked it up there when he got back to town. He drove to Brian’s house and gave him a $20 reward. I managed to connect with Bobbie, grab her some lunch (to go) and get her back to work on time. I was so embarrassed by my forgetfulness I paid for her lunch! Fortunately, she gives her Mom some slack for “age” … Ha!

Yesterday, my great granddaughter, Carly came to spend the night with us and we attended the Mason Area Fair and Rodeo that afternoon and evening. Our friends, and fellow fulltime Rvers, Bill and Diane arrived in town in the early afternoon and parked their rig at the Elk’s Lodge RV Park. They joined us for our day at the fair and attended the rodeo with us. I think they had a good time but it was so bloody hot, we nearly roasted in our skins until the sun went down and it cooled off a little. It was a fun day for Carly as she is a big rodeo fan.

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This is Izzy (Isadora) who was friendly and loving from day one. She was happy for any attention she could get and followed us around like a puppy.

This is Autumn. She was not interested in having a relationship with either of us until the last day and she finally decided she was stuck with me and decided to be my friend.

The view of the new living room after our last auction and three days of garage sales.
It has been sorted and packed since this picture was taken.

Boxes stacked to the ceiling full of merchandise to sell at our garage sale.

A recent purchase at a garage sale and the auction ...
Silk flowers and urn, $4 - plant stand $1, total invested $5.
Will sell for $15 at my garage sale. Not bad return on our money, right?

Wonderfully detailed miniature remote controlled tug boats chugging around in their little pond.

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea ...
Papa the crab, Carly the seal and Nana the fish ...

Joy visiting with one of her favorite "adopted kids", Shirley in the goat barn. Shirley was twelve when I moved in across the street from her and she became a much loved member of my family.
Shirley works full time for our local veterinarian and raises goats among many other animals on her little farm.

Carly, on the left showing her treats (given to the kids by the clowns) to her Nana while Diane (on the right) watches.

Carly (on the left) running to join in the piglet chasing fun!

Carly, sitting in the shade eating her huge order of curly fries. This was followed by a huge slushy, several bottles of water and pop and topped off with a huge elephant ear.
Not exactly the best nutrition but you don't go to the fair every day, right?
Besides, it is our job to spoil her ... and we love doing it!

Girls barrel racing was fast and furious and exciting to watch.

This was the last picture we took just as the main event (bull riding) began.
Then the camera battery died and the charged battery was on the charger ... at home ... !!
Anyway, the score was bulls 7 cowboys 0! No ride lasted the full 8 seconds.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The celebrated quote by the famous 14th century English poet, Geoffrey Chaucer still holds true today! Our days and weeks are flying by and sometimes it seems that we are spinning our wheels. I know I’m just being impatient and we will get this project done as expeditiously as possible but it sure seems like time is speeding by like a bullet and we are crawling along at a snails pace!

Carly and her family are back from vacation and they had a wonderful time tent camping along the way. We went to her first soccer game on Monday night after they returned. She played really well (as usual) and stayed in the position of goalie the last half of the game. The game ended with a tied score (three to three) thanks to Carly’s speed and skill in that position. The ball struck her more times than I can count and she shook it off like a real pro. The team they were playing was heads taller than Carly’s team and very good so she was at a dead run for most of the second half and foiled many attempts at making a goal by the apposing team. We were all very proud of her! Well-done Carly!

On Monday, an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist examined Phil. He agreed that Phil most likely had problems breathing through his nose at night (deviated septum) but doubted whether surgery would “cure” his snoring. The upcoming sleep study and possible CPAP machine were his best recommendation. I guess Medicare will not cover this machine but hopefully, Phil’s supplemental insurance will because they are very expensive.

Wednesday was my big day and what a day it was! I had cataract surgery on my left eye and all went perfectly. My post-op exam the next day corroborated my statement that I was doing very well and my eye surgeon was extremely pleased. By the second day my vision had cleared up and my long distance sight is getting better every day. There are a few new “floaters” in my left eye but I am told they will get better with time. I have had no pain and only an occasional feeling of something brushing my eye that goes away almost immediately. Overall, I am thrilled with the procedure and the result and am looking forward to having the right eye taken care of in three weeks. What a pleasure to be able to see well again.

Phil is working diligently on re-plumbing our new bathroom. It will be wonderful when he finishes and starts refitting the new cabinet, fixtures, lighting and installs the washer-dryer. He has the new 50-gallon hot water tank in place and has cut a new hole so he can turn the toilet a quarter turn after he reconfigures the sewer connection. He scraped off the old linoleum tile and after some additional preparation will put down the new floor. I love the pattern (who wouldn’t when enough tiles to do the job only cost us $5.00 at a garage sale) and I think the end result will be a very clean, modern and attractive facility for our new home base.

An auction and two days of garage sales completed the week for us and now the big job of sorting and re-packing the many bags and boxes begins so our new treasures can be stacked out of the way in a neat and orderly fashion until needed.

Many friends have wondered aloud why we are “settling down” or why we are not traveling “anymore.” Neither is true … we are only stopping to take a breather from full timing in our much loved Penny the Pace and have no intentions of going off the road permanently. Medical needs and missing our family and friends (we had been apart for 21 months this past trip) are playing a big part in our hiatus this next year and creating a more permanent home base seemed like a good idea at this stage in our retirement years. Who knows what will happen next?

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Our sweet Carly hamming it up for Papa's camera during half-time.

Carly intently watching the action move down the field toward her.
Trust me, she was ready when needed to stop the charge of the opposing team!

The new bathroom wall moved back about 18" into 2nd bedroom closet to accommodate the new plumbing and electrical needed.

Former location of toilet before hot water tank is moved into place. We will turn it to the left one quarter turn which will give the user more knee room.
I know, I know, this is fascinating stuff, right?

Old toilet gets a good scrubbing ...

New (to us) 50-gallon hot water tank in place. A few electrical wires and plumbing lines will make it operational very soon.
Then, Phil will re-build the wall he removed to close it in. Later, at his leisure, he will renovate the outside door so the tank can be moved in and out (if necessary) without coming through the bathroom ... :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have been informed that fireworks are not illegal inside the city of Shelton and I stand corrected. As long as they are legal fireworks, purchased from the abundant and licensed vendors in town … they are allowed. It is the “illegal” fireworks purchased from the Native American fireworks stands on the Indian reservations that cannot be set off. Since I have never purchased any, not once in my lifetime … I know nothing about legal or illegal fireworks. The most exciting thing I have ever done is hanging on to a sputtering sparkler as it burned itself out. Anywhooooo, I am always glad when the celebration has passed and the noise has ceased.

Our Sunday last week was filled with much work being accomplished at the trailer and then the afternoon and evening was spent at my niece, Tammy’s beautiful home in Olympia. She had a family gathering to celebrate the 21st birthday of her oldest child and only son, Andy who will be a senior in college this fall. Tammy’s husband, Steve bbq’d hamburgers and hotdogs and there was a bountiful array of side dishes and salads. As usual, the food was delicious and when it was time for presents followed by cake and ice cream everyone was wondering where they would put it.

Our friend, Les has been helping Phil rewire the bathroom and Phil wonders how he would have done it without him. As a total novice at electrical wiring, Phil was leery of the bathroom venture until he knew Les would help him. We are both getting an education for sure. With luck, they will finish up the project today.

Neither of us had any doctor appointments this past week but next week is a different story. Phil will see the eye-ear-nose specialist on Monday (more exams to determine the cause of his snoring) and I will have the cataract in my left eye removed on Wednesday. I am very excited about my surgery as the doctor has informed me that I may not even need glasses after both eyes are done in another three weeks. Hurray!!! I’ve worn glasses for about 30 years and have never been comfortable with them.

Today we will begin taking care of two sweet cats that belong to our friends, Sandy and Ray while they are on vacation. I’m looking forward to getting a super kitty fix when I spend time with them every day. I’ll share some pictures next week.

I guess the big news this week is that we bought a car yesterday. It is a 1990 Cadillac sedan de Ville, gently used and very well taken care of. This lovely couple we bought it from are only the second owners and very charming people. We really enjoyed meeting and doing business with Joe and Vivien.

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The newest member of niece, Tammy's family ... his name is "waffle"... why? No one seems to know.

Happy 21st birthday Andy!

Phil is all smiles with this beautiful fish. It was a great day for fishing on Lake Kokanee.

Lester catches a beauty!

Beautiful waterfall cascading down the hill into Lake Kokanee.

A fearless racoon looking for food in the rocks, checks out Phil and Les as they are trolling by.

Phil took this picture one morning across the street in front of Penny the Pace.
The baby is so tiny and still covered with spots!

Joe (82) and Vivien (85 years young), his bride of 62 years on the deck of their beautiful waterfront home near Shelton.
Lovely people and we really enjoyed meeting them!

Joy is a happy girl. She has another Cadillac ... her favorite car!

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Another week has flown by and I cannot believe it has been an entire year already since we spent the fourth of July in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The campground we stayed in did not allow fireworks so it was a rather quiet one unlike being here in Shelton. The city has banned fireworks inside the city limits but it does not deter the few who defy the law and do it anyway. The noise will continue into the night but since we are no longer willing to stay up late enough to enjoy any legal pyrotechnics, I will just put in my ear plugs and go to sleep.

Our days have been full and very, very busy. We had our dear Carly last Sunday and she spent the night with us after cruising a few garage sales that were still open on Sunday. We gave Carly $5.00 to spend but the purveyors gave every thing she decided to buy to her for free so she didn’t spend a dime. She said, “I can’t help it everybody loves me!” :) Until her mom came to pick her up that afternoon, she spent Monday at the trailer with us and got right into helping her Papa demolish the interior of our bathroom. He said he couldn’t have accomplished as much without her! She is a good little worker!

Phil continues to work on the trailer and has completely gutted the bathroom except for the toilet. We changed our plans about where to locate the newly purchased washer-dryer combo. It will be in the bathroom instead of the hall. We will put in a new bathtub and tub surround, new lighting, new flooring, new vanity and sink along with relocating the toilet and installing a bigger, 50-gallon hot water tank. It will be very nice when we are finished. The old bathroom was adequate but we decided rather than make do, to renovate the way we wanted it to be. I think we made a very good decision.

We attended two of Carly’s summer soccer games this past week. Her team is very good and even though I might be a bit prejudice, she is one of the best players on her team. She is fast, aggressive, fearless and a real team player. She made one of the goals for her team with a perfect kick and they scored many more than the opposing team although officially, no one keeps score. It is “just for fun” … or so they say.

On Friday Phil went to his PCP to make arrangements for all the tests he will have for his physical. Since we were traveling back east last year, we both missed our yearly exams. They will be running him through all the appropriate tests for a man his age and hopefully, he will get a clean bill of health when all is said and done. His doctor said everything looks pretty good but the blood work and all the tests will tell the real story.

This weekend, we only checked out a couple garage sales and attended the auction on Friday night. It was a small crowd this week so I managed to snag a few really good bargains. Next week they will be auctioning antiques only. We will stay home since neither of us knows anything about that sort of stuff that sells for big money.

Thank you all so much for stopping by!
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Phil begins the process of removing the old (only 19 gallon) hot water tank. It is also fairly new but just too small and only 110 volts! Just not adequate.
The new tank will have to be installed through the wall in the bathroom as it is too big to go through the original, very narrow door.
Phil will enlarge this door in the future but not right away so we hope the new tank doesn't self-destruct after installation. :)

All that is left in the bathroom is the toilet. It appears to be fairly new and will be turned so that the tank is against the new wall Phil will build on the left.
The antiquated ceiling fan will be replaced.

Where the old bathtub was and the new bathtub will go in.
Did you know mobile home bathtubs are only 27" wide? We had to drive to Rochester, WA to find a new one that would fit!

The wall and closet are gone between the small bedroom and the bathroom.
We had to move the wall back about a foot into the old closet to accommodate the washer/dryer combo.
When the wall is rebuilt, the closet will become shelves for the "office." Under those ghostly figures are the purchases we have made for our new home base.

The old lighting is coming out ...

Double click the picture to read my comment on this picture of Carly playing soccer.
It was a rainy evening but that didn't slow these kids down one bit. We stayed dry under our umbrellas in our lawn chairs.

Les loaned us his truck to pick it up and our grandson, Joe helped Grandpa unload our New (to us) washer-dryer combination.

Gently boys ... don't scratch it!