Saturday, September 30, 2006

7:27 PM Saturday September 30, 2006

Okay, as promised, here are the particulars on the service and repairs done to our beautiful, Penny the Pace at McKay’s Trucking in Albany, Oregon. She still needs a new muffler and tail pipe but McKay does not replace exhaust systems. We will get that work done a little later down the road when Phil recovers from this assault on our bank account.

Phil joked when he paid the bill that we would really be happy if when we drive in for service in 2007, we can drive away after only a Lube Oil and Filter. Sure … that is going to happen!

Lube Oil and Filter

Generator Service – change oil and filter

Inspect brake pads (70% in very good condition)
New brakes, brake lines in 2005

Cooling system belts and hoses inspected and found to be in good condition.

Gear Vendor oil level (good at this time) and replace green indicator bulb.

Rear suspension and front chassis, morride suspension (all check out good at this time)

Leveling Jacks inspected. Pump has leak- tech advised replacement but we declined.

Transmission serviced, new fluid, filter, and gasket.

Inspected K & N Air Filter (clean and does not need service at this time)

New thermostat for hot water heater

Replaced the blower and fan on the furnace.

Replaced the broken steps with new, automatic double steps

Install new Banks Headers.

Labor Total: $ 1,470.00
Parts Total: $ 2, 256.48
Sub Total: $ 3,726.48
<$ 55.92> Less 1.5% discount
Total due: $ 3,670.56

Remember, we said McKay does excellent work … we didn't say they were cheap!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

While we were at Gloria and Lester's this past weekend deciding what to do about our computer problems, they held their annual fall yard sale. Posted by Picasa

Our friend Andy buys storage units in arrears at auction as a hobby. This is his new building where he sorts, prices and stores his purchases. Here is just some of the furniture he had for sale out front. Andy's building is just across the street from Gloria and Lester's house and he usually participates in their two yard sales a year and he has been known to sell an item or two on e-Bay for fun.  Posted by Picasa

Jessica and Tammy joined us for dinner. Posted by Picasa

We had a spontaneous dinner party after the yard sale closed on Saturday night. Dixie and Paul's son, Shane and his significant other, Wendy took Dixie and Paul out for a belated anniversary dinner. L-R: Barbie, Wendy, Shane, Paul, Joy, Dixie and Tammy. Posted by Picasa

Just some of the 15 people who went out to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Shelton, "The Ming Tree" after the yard sale closed on Saturday night. L-R: Andy, Millie, Les, Gloria and Barbie. Posted by Picasa

Our friend, Barbie modeling a pair of stilleto heeled, platform boots. They were in a storage unit that another friend, Andy bought at auction. She could barely walk in them and we all had a big laugh imagining who bought them and the reasons why they did! Posted by Picasa

Gloria's son, Walt with two of his three daughters, Renee' and baby Malia. Posted by Picasa

Gloria and Lester's annual fall yard sale eagerly anticipated by the locals. Posted by Picasa

11:26 AM Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hello again!

Sad to say, it was necessary to purchase a new computer because the hard drive on my faithful “Made by Randy” machine expired. As Randy cogitated, if we all had the time, (none of us did), he could install a new hard drive but I would nevertheless have a three-year-old computer when he was finished. I would still have to load all my software and find all my websites I use daily. We chose to wait and buy our new desktop (a whole lot less expensive) when we returned to Oregon to save about $35 dollars in sales tax in WA State.

As soon as Phil had all the wires hooked up to our new E-Machine from Wal*Mart, I began to try and remember all the programs I was using every day. We paid $348 which included the tower, the keyboard (I had been planning to buy a new one), two speakers (did not need these as my screen has built in speakers) and a mouse (did not need this either … I have a wonderful cordless). Ethel Honey (the name I will call this new desktop … after my Aunt Ethel) came on immediately and has been doing all we expect of her perfectly.

Microsoft Office 2003 was already loaded for a 60 day free trial and it is just enough different from my Microsoft Office 2000 to throw me off stride a little. My learning curve gets longer with each year … but I will get used to it … I know I will!

I continue to struggle with loading pictures on my blog. Blogger has a built in program but I am having trouble getting it to work for me. I did get one picture of Gloria’s squash art loaded but gave up on the second try. The download of my former picture program “Hello” confused me yesterday so I have drawn back to regroup. I promise, I will figure it out and get some more pictures posted soon.

Please be patient …………

PS: My sister, Robin and her husband Walt found us yesterday afternoon on a short road trip from CA via Wyoming to Shelton they were taking and we had a quickie visit. It's the second time they have tracked us down via our location on the Datastorm Users map. We are in Irrigon, Oregon for a few days. I need to work on this new computer and we need to get some laundry done. It is a nice quiet park close to the Columbia River. Weather is perfect! I will tell you about all the work we had done on our Penny the Pace soon.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

In Gloria and Lester's kitchen, here is a study in "squash art".

Friday, September 22, 2006

6:56 AM Friday September 22, 2006

Short note...

My desktop computer has died. We are making a flying trip back up I-5 to Shelton this morning to deliver the tower to our personel guru, you may remember me mentioning Phil's cousin, Randy. He built this computer and until last night, it has worked perfectly (over two years). Hopefully, he will cure whatever malady has taken her out!

Of course, our friends Gloria & Les have a guest room for us to use ;-)

We will be leaving Penny the Pace in good hands here at McKay's Trucking.

BTW: I'm using the laptop ... quite a difference for me!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

8:14 AM Thursday September 21, 2006

Waiting for our turn to go into the repair bay this morning .......
Thought for the day:

Don’t eat raw spinach ;-)

We continue our stay here at McKay’s Trucking in Albany, Oregon. Our “exhaust leak” turned out to be a header with a big hole and it was decided to replace rather than repair. Ouch! The new ones should arrive today.
A new set of stairs is on, the hot water tank received a new thermostat, the furnace has a new fan and the undercarriage has been inspected and the repair completed last year declared sound. Penny’s belts and hoses have been checked; she has had her lube, oil and filter, her brake lines inspected and her transmission and generator serviced. We don’t have to worry much about any moths left in the old wallet after this week!

Phil and I drove to Reedsport and Winchester Bay Oregon on Tuesday. Both places have significant genealogical interest for me as my mother went to high school, married and gave birth to her first born, my sister Robin while she lived there. We poked around the Discovery Center on the riverfront (excellent); went to the public library (found some great old pictures) and then visited the Coast Guard Museum in Winchester Bay. The lady in charge, Gaylan took us on a personal tour even though it was closed. She was a wealth of information about the area and her expertise will be very helpful.
On Wednesday, we drove over to Sweet Home and Foster then up to Salem and back. Found a good restaurant for dinner in Albany. I had a great steak sandwich and Phil enjoyed his favorite, a deluxe cheeseburger!
Oregon State Capital in Salem Oregon. Posted by Picasa
Beautiful Oregon Coast north of Reedsport. Posted by Picasa
Our sweetie-pie granddaughter, Brooke, soon to be two already! Posted by Picasa
Brooke caught with her little fingers in the dog food! Yummmm! Posted by Picasa
Our visit to say goodbye to granddaughter Brooke and her big brother Jeremy in Tacoma. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 18, 2006

7:53 PM Monday September 18, 2006

We arrived in Albany about 3:30 PM; the ride was pleasant and uneventful ... just the way we like them. There are full hookups outside McKay's Trucking and our Datastorm found the satellite--no problem. The mechanics will start to work on our girl at 10 AM tomorrow morning and if all goes well, expect to be finished in a couple days.
The weather was warm and sunny the whole way south on the I-5 corridor. Penny ran like a top although she is a bit noisy because of her exhaust leak that will be fixed tomorrow.
Phil and I are both pooped and I'm going to turn in early tonight (I think Phil is already asleep on the couch)!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

9:47 PM Sunday September 17, 2006

Well folks, Monday is the big day. After nearly three and a half months in Shelton Washington, tomorrow morning, Penny the Pace will be freed from her landlines. We will wave goodbye to our dear friends, Gloria and Les and our much loved home on wheels will point her pinstriped nose south. With The Lone Ranger tagging along behind, Penny will do her best to deliver us to Albany Oregon before the sun goes down. Once there, we will announce our arrival to our favorite RV garage--McKay Trucking and back her into a space within their secure, chain-link fenced parking lot for the night.

Tuesday morning, they will take a copy of our to do list and go to work on Penny’s yearly physical checkup. How long we will be in the area depends on the availability of any parts needed and if McKay’s mechanics hit any “glitches” along the way. As far as we know, there is nothing serious or dangerous to be repaired but it’s never over until the fat lady sings, right? Our wonderful Penny the Pace is 15 years young and if she requires a nip here or a tuck there, we will make certain she gets the attention she needs.

Hopefully, we will have our satellite Internet connection in the evenings and I will be able to keep you up to date. If not, I will get back on-line ASAP.
This past Wednesday we celebrated Lester's birthday with a cake and ice cream party. We also celebrated my sister, Dixie and her husband Paul's 33rd wedding anniversary but my picture of their white layer cake didn't turn out. Both cakes were DEE-licious! We played cards ("31" aka "KNOCK") until the wee hours and the BIG winner was ME! The rookie ... how about that? Posted by Picasa
Gloria shows the video taken on Lester's surprise 50th birthday party (17 years ago!) All his friends and family came in costume, dressed and made up as old, old people. He looked like a young kid compared to us. It was hilarious to watch all these years later.! Posted by Picasa
Lester's birthday scratch tickets yield enough to buy a little more than one quarter tank of gas (in his little truck ... but every little bit helps!) Posted by Picasa
Lester opening his gifts ...having a good laugh over the "gift" he received from Dixie and Paul ... it's a long story! Posted by Picasa
Live entertainment from the dancing duo ... Gloria and Lester's granddaughters, Cassie on the left and Renee' on the right. Bravo!  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9:45 AM Wednesday September 13, 2006

We were up early this past Sunday and on the road before sunrise. Heading north on Highway 101 with the little town of Sequim, about two hours away as our destination, we traveled to an on-site estate auction. The deceased was an antique dealer who had been in the business for 35 years and the inventory was impressive. We accompanied Gloria and Les (semi-retired dealers) and my sister, Dixie and her husband Paul who are now and have been in the business for over 30 years.

Obviously, Phil and I have no room for antiques in Penny the Pace so our interest was to watch my sister, Dixie and her husband Paul at their first auction. Lots of big money was flying around as dealers from all over the northwest did their best to out bid each other. Dixie sat on her paddle until the really high-end pieces were gone but jumped right in when the big lots started moving through. When all was said and done, every inch of the vehicles were packed full and when on the way home we stopped for dinner at the Chimacum CafĂ© (In the tiny community of Chimacum—good food!) Dixie told us she enjoyed the experience. It will be interesting to see if they liked it well enough to go to another one.

Sunrise over Hood Canal, it was spectacular! Posted by Picasa
Big, old stately grain elevator welcomed us to Sequim. This town is growing so fast! Posted by Picasa
Breakfast stop at a favorite restaurant, The Oak Tree in Sequim. L-R: Les, Gloria, Dixie, Paul, Joy and Phil. Posted by Picasa
Breakfast is over ... time to go to work! Posted by Picasa
Getting ready to go ...  Posted by Picasa
A tiny bit of the glassware from inside the house before the auction starts. Four runners kept it coming by the arm-load, nonstop for more than two hours! Posted by Picasa
Les, Phil and Paul setting up chairs in the front row ... the closer the better. Posted by Picasa