Tuesday, August 29, 2006

4:16 PM Tuesday August 29, 2006

Phil and I spent this past Saturday afternoon at my daughter Bobbie's house here in Shelton. We helped her family celebrate the 19th birthday of my wonderful granddaughter, Sara Jeanne. I remember the birth of this lovely young lady down in Canyonville Oregon like it was yesterday. I went down to take care of her older brother, my grandson Joe (he was seven) while Bobbie went into the hospital to have her baby by C-section. A few days after I arrived a huge forest fire broke out nearby and for most of the time I was there, we couldn't see across the street for the smoke. The whole town was on evacuation standby and since Sara's dad was working all day (and he had their car), it was mandatory that I stay so I could get Bobbie and the kids out of harm's way should we hear the order to leave. It was very scary for all the grown-ups but my grandson enjoyed the excitement at the little lake nearby watching the big helicopters loading their water buckets to dump on the forest. Within a week or so, they had the fire under control and I was able to go home. It was hard to leave that new little bundle of love I had been lucky enough to have lots of time to bond with. She is a very special girl and we are all very proud of her!
Sara and her Mom, my daughter Bobbie. Posted by Picasa
My beautiful granddaughter Sara on her 19th birthday. Posted by Picasa
Time to eat! Kylea and Sara fixing their plates. Posted by Picasa
Virgil's daughter, April and Sara's girlfriend, Kylea enjoying some great food.  Posted by Picasa
Lots of cards full of gift cards! Posted by Picasa
Virgil's parents, Bill and Lil. Posted by Picasa
Sara's birthday cake. Posted by Picasa
Nanook sneaking a few bites of cat food. Posted by Picasa
Here's Phil keeping the cook company. Posted by Picasa
Virgil "the cook" at the BBQ waiting for the burgers to finish cooking. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If you are looking for a wonderful home in the Olympia Washington area ... this is the agent to contact about my niece, Tammy's house that has just gone on the market.  Posted by Picasa
The front exterior of this lovely home. Posted by Picasa
Here's the details ... Posted by Picasa
Interior shots ... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

12:05 Tuesday August 22, 2006

Another fabulous dinner party by my sister, Dixie and her husband, Paul this past Saturday night was enjoyed by my family and several family friends. Our sister/friend, Helga brought two old friends from my long-ago past ... Jess and Donn. Donn was married to a lady I worked with in the early 1970s. Sadly, she passed away last year and it was good to see him again. Jess and Donn have been friends for eons and worked together for many years on the "boom" before retiring from one of the biggest employers, Simpson Timber Company here in Shelton. I'm not sure what happens on the "boom" except that it has something to do with floating logs. You might have seen logging competitions on TV that include two men standing on a floating log trying to stay upright until one or the other falls off into the water.
It's difficult to absorb how fast the youngsters in our family are growing up. It seems like just yesterday little Max, my sister Robin's youngest grandchild was a baby and he will start school this year. Then there is my great nephew, Andy ... a senior in high school with a lovely girlfriend, Megan. Both are getting ready for college after graduation in the spring. Where has the time gone?
Funny thing, I don't feel old but these babies growing up before my eyes tells me that time marches on. It also reinforces my resolve to live my life to the fullest each and every day!
Phil waiting patiently for dinner to be ready ...  Posted by Picasa
Isn't the kitchen always the place where your guests want to hang out? L-R: Walt, Gloria, Tammy, our hostess Dixie and Gloria's husband, Les. Posted by Picasa
My great (grand?) nieces, Sophia and Jessica posing for great Aunt Joy. Lovely young ladies! Posted by Picasa
Tammy's son, Andy and his special friend, Megan. Posted by Picasa
My beautiful niece, Tammy.  Posted by Picasa
Bustling kitchen activity getting ready for dinner. Posted by Picasa
My sister, Robin. Posted by Picasa
Tammy's friend Nikki, Nikki's daughter Kylie, Jessie, Jessie's mom, Tammy and Robin's grandson, Max. Posted by Picasa
L-R: Kylie, Max, Jessie and Sophie. Posted by Picasa
Dixie's husband, Paul supervises in the kitchen.  Posted by Picasa
Robin's husband, Walt visiting with our sister/friend, Helga and our long time friend, Donn. Posted by Picasa