Tuesday, July 18, 2006

9:45 AM Tuesday July 18, 2006

As I watch the national weather forecast on TV this morning they are saying today will be over 100 degrees in most of the country. Here in the northwest we are enjoying low humidity with temperatures in the 70s and 80s … maybe up to the low 90s later in the week. This is definitely the place to be THIS summer, however as a “long-in-the-tooth” native, I can speak with authority stating it is not always this way. Pacific Northwest weather is unpredictable at best. An ongoing local comment in this area of the state says the weather people look out the window just before the broadcast in order to know what is happening because it is nearly impossible to say otherwise. Of course, that is a very old joke … probably not valid any longer with all the new technology.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Phil and I have both been to Mt. Rainier National Park before but this is our first trip to the mountain together. The red car in front of us is from Tennessee.  Posted by Picasa
We get in free with my Golden Age Passport. Posted by Picasa
Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor's Center at Paradise on Mt. Rainier ... Posted by Picasa
The Nisqually River bridge ... that's where we're headed ... Posted by Picasa
The Nisqually Glacier is way up there! The annual average recession since 1918 is 70.42 ft. I wonder what is going to disappear first, the glacier or the top of our volcanic Mt. Rainier. Posted by Picasa
The Nisqually River drops 241 feet ...  Posted by Picasa
Beautiful ... Posted by Picasa
Looking up to the bridge to the hiking trail ... Posted by Picasa
From the path below the overlook ... Posted by Picasa
The summit of Mt. Rainier wearing a peek-a-boo mantle of fluffy white clouds. Posted by Picasa
"You lookin' at me?" Posted by Picasa
Local inhabitant munching some lunch inside the park ... Posted by Picasa
Mountain flowers ... Posted by Picasa
Meadow of wildflowers ... Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006

Coming down the hill to Port Townsend on a cloudy day. We are heading for the ferry terminal to take our first trip to Whidbey Island ... ever! Hard to believe since we're locals ... Posted by Picasa
Waiting in line for the 3 PM crossing to the island. Posted by Picasa
Loading on to the ferry Quinault for the 30-minute crossing to Keystone. Posted by Picasa
Pulling away from the dock at Port Townsend. Posted by Picasa
Phil at the rail with another WA State Ferry across the water behind him. It was partly cloudy but fairly warm. Posted by Picasa
Campground at Fort Casey State Park at the ferry landing in Keystone charges $15 per night. No hookups (we did see one potable water faucet and a dump station which costs $5) and they do not accept reservations. With only 35 sites (40 ft limit), it's tight in there but what a view! Posted by Picasa
Camp Casey Conference Center along one mile of Puget Sound beach was built in 1890. It offers a wonderful location for youth and adult retreats as well as special events for groups of 10-350 or more.  Posted by Picasa
Hundreds of kids in dozens of soccer clinics. Posted by Picasa
Distinctive roof on the picnic/rest area near the Clinton to Mukilteo ferry terminal. Posted by Picasa
Closer look ... how pretty! Posted by Picasa
Tiny little marina near Langley. Posted by Picasa