Friday, May 26, 2006

12:15 PM Friday, May 26, 2006

Today is Phil's son, Michael's 39th birthday! Happy birthday to you Mike, hope it's a good one!
Yesterday was the BIG day! Our little Lone Ranger received the final touches of his repair – the pretty little pinstripe that runs down the side and the canvas cover for the tow bar. Then after paying the ransom ($1,000—our insurance deductible) we turned in the rental car (another $1,000, this time covered by our insurance) and brought our good friend home! The total cost for the repair was $3,157.37. Of course, that doesn't include the extra rent we paid here at the RV park but we won't go there. Can you believe almost five weeks in the shop for a little fender-bender? We still believe if we had chosen a different repair shop the task in its entirety would have been done weeks earlier but of course, we’ll never know for sure.

Overall, Alexander Ford in Yuma, AZ did a very good job but the big hold up occurred while getting the parts needed and another long wait for a bay in the repair shop (one of at least 10) to begin the work. Then, of course a couple days in the paint shop. Maybe, the contributing factor for most of the delay boils down to the fact that they are VERY busy!

Oh well, all of that is behind us now and we’re looking forward to heading up the highway towards Washington after the Memorial Day holiday … on Tuesday, May 30th. Of course, that’s not carved in stone—our “schedule” never is and I usually don’t like to broadcast our “gonna do’s” until they are actually done (I think it’s a superstitious thing).

I didn’t mention it earlier but we had a significant rainstorm a couple nights ago. Enough rain that it woke both of us up and there were puddles outside in the morning … and they say it never rains in Yuma!

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