Friday, July 30, 2004

Final week of July, 2004

Tuesday--July 27, 2004

It seems interesting that for a year I’ve been sweating bb’s wondering if I had the “right stuff” to create a website and now that I’ve found a vehicle and actually published some text and pictures, I find myself wondering what to say next. Go figure!

For quite some time, my shining example has been:

George and his “team” (the handy dandy Sony Mavica camera—“Mr. Mavica”—and all of the onboard electronics as well as the motor home—Ms. Tioga—herself) have been full timers for several years and George publishes two or three paragraphs and two or more very beautiful and/or interesting photographs of the surrounding landscape daily. His needs are few and he views the world around him with childlike enthusiasm. Truthfully, I’m in awe of his expertise but continue to hope I will become more proficient at using my favorite thing (the Internet) as time goes by. Thank you George for helping me to believe I could do it!

Wednesday—July 28, 2004

If you watch the national news, you’ve probably noticed our heat in the northwest continues. The long-range forecast does not include any of the wet stuff we’re so famous for but thankfully, the high temperatures are a few degrees lower than last Friday and Saturday when it hit 100! And, wonders will never cease—my body is starting to acclimate because it isn’t bothering me quite as much.

My hardworking partner rented a big floor sander for four hours yesterday and soon, after finishing the hand chipping, sanding and patching he’ll be ready to put down new sub-flooring then next is preparing the walls for paint. It’s a big house and all but one room needs to be repainted so that will take some time. How long—is anyone’s guess but he’s moving as fast as his body allows. Phil jokes that he’ll have to go back to work to get some rest! HA!

Robin and Walt left for home #1 in Pleasanton, CA on Tuesday with plans for their usual overnight stop in Ashland, OR: where they had tickets for a play. When they arrived home on Wednesday, Walt wrote, “The play in Ashland was very good: The Royal Family. It was first produced in 1927 to needle the Barrymores, but with enough differences so that there would not be grounds for a libel suit.”

Besides nurturing my new baby (the website) I continue to sort, clean, price for the garage sale and load our “keepers” into the motorhome. Best of all, our desktop computer is running like a new one. (Knock on wood!) Our computer guru, Phil’s cousin Randy will be happy to hear that. My next step is to start reloading all the documents I saved on CD before the overhaul. One of my favorite projects is my “state by state address book”, an alphabetical listing of the United States I created in Excel where I’ve logged all the family and friends, names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses I’ve managed to acquire, under the appropriate state. Some time ago I decided to generate this “cheat sheet/notebook” to make sure we don’t miss anyone as we travel across the country. I’ll print it out just before we leave and what fun it will be to put that wonderful reference book to good use! Here we come, ready or not! ;-)

Friday—July 30, 2004

Wednesday was a take care of business and shopping day. We drove to Olympia (about 20 miles south east of Shelton). We searched through Target and Home Depot (from end to end)looking for specific items we needed then, returned to Shelton and trekked through Wal*Mart (of course, the things we needed were in opposite corners of this huge super store) crossing off the things on my list then crisscrossed our local Safeway picking up some favorite foods that were on sale. Besides all that we made stops at the pharmacy, two banks and the post office. My “dogs were barking” when we got home and it felt really good to get out of my shoes and into my slippers.

Early Thursday morning Phil and I drove a mile or so south of town to the Elk’s Lodge. We went there to pick up an application for “Camp Host” at their beautiful RV park located behind the lodge. On Monday of this week, we discovered the park when we attended the memorial service for a good friend at the Moose Lodge that occupies the daylight basement floor of the same building. We were so pleased to find this hideaway in the forest (Shelton has only one other old and rundown RV park) we spent a few minutes visiting with the current caretaker and were told the lodge is looking for new hosts. Since we will be coming back to Shelton every spring for medical appointments until Phil is eligible for Medicare we were tickled pink to discover this little (20 spaces) RV haven nestled in the shady woods where we can park our motorhome for the summer.

We don’t know if the host job includes any compensation but we are fairly sure the space is free in exchange for keeping the grass mowed (we saw the riding mower), picking up the trash and collecting the fees, ($10 per night that includes electric and water). No sewer hookups (except at the host site) but there are two free dumpsites on the property for guests. Phil filled out an application to join the Moose on Monday and we picked up an application for the Elks while we were there on Wednesday when we realized they have RV parks at many of the lodges across the country. The price of membership is small compared to the money it will save us in camping fees. Unfortunately, the secretary informed us that the lodge would prefer a year round host so our chances of getting the job are not very good. We will submit our application anyway and offer our services as backup if we’re not hired.

Finally, as my last entry of my first month “on the web” (I believe Blogger will archive July at the end of the month), I’d like to apologize for the seemingly mixed up dates on my entries. So far, each new post has been four of five days of dated notes (written in WORD, then I copy and paste into the Blog) so I can keep track of where I’m at and I know that’s confusing to some. Stay with me, I’m trying to figure out a way to improve the flow. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Driver's side of the motorhome showing slide out. Posted by Hello

July (continued)

Monday, July 19, 2004

Our desktop came home from Randy's computer workshop yesterday completely renovated and hopefully loaded with all the software we will need.  He suggested that we spend a few days checking it out to make sure all is well and as we like it.  So far, so good.

It's been so hot!  The only two places where I can get any work done it inside the air-conditioned motor home or upstairs in the air-conditioned master bedroom.  The rest of the house and the garage have been like an oven the past few days and those of you who know me well, know hot weather and Julie Joy do not get along very well.  The weather report tells us to look forward to "more of the same" for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Wonderfully gratifying day yesterday.  An early morning visit to see our motor home and talk about digital camera particulars with Phil from brother-in-law, Walt then an hour later, sister, Robin came to see the motor home bringing along two of her friends from CA who are spending a couple days with the Morgans at their second home here in Shelton.  We had a great visit and they were full of questions about our new lifestyle that waits just around the corner.  Of course, there's nothing we like to talk about more than RVing so we were happy to show off our new home and share our plans.  Walt came back a little later to help Phil who had already started ripping out the old carpeting and pull staples, then he made the first trip to the land fill for us after his truck was loaded with all the cut up pieces.  Then out of the blue (Long time no-see baby girl!), second daughter, Bobbie showed up for a quick visit on her way home from work and later we enjoyed “Steak Night” at Little Creek Casino with our dear friends, Gloria and Les.  While waiting for our table, I received a "just checking in" phone call on the cell phone from my longtime absent grandson, Joe. Wow!  What a great day!  Even the weather got on the bandwagon, sending out just enough breeze to lower the heat of the day to a tolerable level with MOS in the forecast for today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The morning started off with a long phone call from first daughter, Violet.  Do you think my girl's ears were burning as I'd done some grumbling about how little I see them to our visitors on Tuesday?  This busy girl brought me up to date about what's been happening in her family and also told me she's pretty sure they've sold their house in Belfair, WA.  That was a surprise since I thought they had taken it off the market.  They changed their minds when the realtor called and pleaded with them to put it up for sale again as he had so few houses to sell, they really needed more!  Sure hope the same thing happens to us when the time comes.  By the time I had my shower Phil and I were starving so we drove 11 blocks to our favorite local eatery (good food, low prices), the “Pine Tree” restaurant in mid-town Shelton for a quick lunch.  We enjoy their non-smoking dining room that has an excellent air conditioning system.  Shortly after we returned home, Walt came back down and he and Phil worked like troopers on their hands and knees with crowbars and hammers taking up the damaged particleboard that was under the carpet.  They managed to get almost half of it up which was a major accomplishment since besides being nailed down, it had also been spot glued every six inches.  What a job!  And, what a wonderful brother-in-law to volunteer his time (and truck)!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The weatherman is forecasting 92 degrees for today and even hotter for tomorrow through Sunday!  No relief due until Sunday.  Phil went trout fishing with Lester early this morning and will get back to his dirty job this afternoon or at least that's the plan.  Walt is taking today off as well in order to go with Robin and take their house guests to the airport at Sea Tac.  I'm going to move slowly today but hopefully, I'll get a few things done if the heat doesn't get to me.  I am so grateful that I have air-conditioning in the motor home and upstairs in the master bedroom.  At least I have a place to escape the heat when I've had enough.  Phil is one of those people who gets along well with the heat and rarely lets it slow him down.  In fact, I worry that he gets too much sun but so far, no problems with his skin.  They say opposites attract ... and when it comes to warm weather, it surely did this time—I hide from the sun and Phil embraces the rays.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The motorhome, the pickup and the house, July 2004 Posted by Hello

July 25, 2004--Welcome! So glad you stopped by!

At last, here it is … our long awaited website and link between Phil and Joy, our family and friends and maybe even an occasional curious surfer.  Hopefully, now that it is launched, I’ll be able to please the misanthropists among you who believe my e-mails have been much too frequent as well as excessively long winded and my wonderfully vocal supporters who promptly respond and cheer me on.  Now, you can read about the happy times as well as the struggles we undergo as we work toward our retirement goal of fulltime Rving.  Many think we’ve lost our minds but more often, we hear “I’d love to do that someday.”  Well, dear ones, our “someday” is just around the corner so check in often at your convenience and remember, we welcome your comments and suggestions.