Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well folks, it has been a wild and wonderful week! We didn’t get our cabinets by Thanksgiving so we are back to playing the waiting game ... again. The snow that was forecast arrived in spades and by Sunday night and Monday, we had 8-10 inches and it was very cold. We are so grateful for our new electric blanket especially when we crawled into our warm bed last Sunday. Thanks again to darling daughter, Bobbie! After showing up at Gloria and Lester’s for dinner in just a sweater … Les delivered three winter warm coats sent by Gloria at Penny’s door the next day. One fit me just right and now Mother Nature can throw her worst at me and I will stay warm. Thank you dear friend!

We were invited along with Gloria and Les for dinner at our friend, Linda’s home last Sunday evening. She prepared lasagna Bologna (Italy’s gastronomic capital). It was different and totally delectable. She served it with garlic bread and salad and we were all impressed with her culinary style and presentation. It was a fun evening. Les provided dessert by baking a Lime Cheesecake with whipped cream topping. Delicious!

Thanksgiving was (as usual) an impressive spread prepared by niece, Tammy and her husband Steve. My nephew Arne and his family brought homemade rolls and Tammy’s mom, my sister Dixie prepared a notable assembly of pies including apple, berry, chocolate and of course, traditional pumpkin. It was a lovely evening with family enjoyed by all.

Saturday afternoon, we drove to Belfair and went out to dinner with daughter, Violet and her husband, Fred. Violet, Phil and I share the same birthdate. Violet was born on my 19th birthday on Thanksgiving Day and as I’ve mentioned before, Phil was born on the same day in November. Coincidence or Karma? We went to Sherri’s Restaurant and after inquiring about any birthday specials, all three of us received free pie for our birthday. Yummy! Fred had to buy his dessert … LOL!

The snow is pretty well gone now and the temperature has warmed up. Even so, we are yearning for the warm weather in Arizona where we have spent most of our winters since retirement. Oh well, we will survive but hope the rumors about an especially rough winter in 2010-2011 are all gross exaggerations.

Hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving running over with food. family and fun. Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time …

Here is our new (to us) 1995 Windstar. The precipitation you see is the beginning of our snow.

Penny the Pace surrounded by the white stuff she hasn't seen since March of 2006.
She keeps us cozy and warm with her propane catalytic heater.

Our intrepid Red Ranger buried in snow on Monday morning.

Our friend, Linda and her singing pooch, William!

Here is "Waffle" the kitten ... in the highchair with a bib on ... patiently waiting for dinner!
Isn't he cute!!

Tammy and Steve. Our gracious host and hostess for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

L-R: Megan (in white with her back to the camera), Bobbie, Joy, Joe and Sophie in red filling our plates in Tammy's kitchen.

I dare you to decide which part of these two wrestling on the floor is dog and which part is cat. The orange color is "Waffle" the kitten and black and white is Bella the puppy.
They were having a wonderful time!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

IT'S A GIRL ... we think :)

The sonogram on Tuesday indicated that granddaughter, Sara is carrying a baby girl. However, the technician says to save our receipts when we buy little girl clothes because she is only about 16 weeks. They can’t say for sure until a little later down the road.

Daughter, Bobbie is doing well. I am so proud of her and so happy she has taken control of her health and well-being. Her son, Joe who lives at home and their friend, Johnny who shares their home and rents her spare room are also taking charge of their tobacco addictions and her home and property is now a smoke-free zone. Her friends and family that love her are so happy and so relieved that Bobbie has taken this shot across the bow (as Phil describes her heart attack) seriously.

Our cabinetmaker came last night and installed the bases for the lower cabinets and we can at last really envision how the space for the kitchen is going to look. Our floors are so out of level (fairly common in trailers) that he had to do some clever shimming and it looked great when he was done. We’re hoping to be ready for the counter tops by Thanksgiving. Keep your fingers crossed!

We have snow and very low temperatures in the forecast for today and Monday. Phil has done some insulating and prepared Penny the Pace for the freezing weather and done some weather proofing around the trailer as well. Bobbie gave Phil and I (we share our birthday) an early birthday present on Saturday … a beautiful blue electric blanket. I am thrilled and no more bundling up like Nanook of the North when I go to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks a bunch for stopping by!

Until next time …

PS: Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the Windstar van still and no news on the Cadillac. Phil is stalling checking on the progress of the mechanic because he isn't looking forward to paying the bill.

Great granddaughter, Carly practicing her high jump for track next spring.
Straight up and touching the ceiling only took her a few tries before she nailed it.

Great granddaughter, Carly is helping her Papa paint. She did a fine job.

Finally, the last coat of paint on the living room walls is dry and Phil is removing the masking tape.

That smile is great granddaughter, Carly's response to her "fried ice cream" at our local Mexican restaurant.


Our great granddaughter, Carly was itching to get involved setting the new cabinet bases.

Our cabinetmaker, Jim and great grandaughter, Carly installing the cabinet bases. Jim taught Carly to use the pneumatic staple gun and she was not one bit afraid.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


We received a call from grandson, Joe on Friday morning that his mother, daughter, Bobbie was at Mason General Hospital in the emergency room. She had been experiencing chest pain all day on Thursday and by Friday morning, (the fourth episode of this pain in the past three months) she asked Joe to drive her to the emergency room. After two EKGs were assessed by a cardiologist in Olympia at Providence Hospital (via e-mail or FAX?) they were instructed to transport her to Olympia and the cardiac care unit on the 9th floor would be expecting her.

We arrived just as they were loading her in the ambulance and followed them to Olympia. Joe took his mother's car home and waited to hear from us about her condition. Bobbie had been in some really serious pain in her chest but they gave her nitro and by the time she arrived in Olympia, the pain had subsided. To make a very long story shorter ... several blood tests determined Bobbie had suffered a heart attack some time in the recent past and an angiogram was ordered for the next morning. Several delays bumped her procedure back but eventually she was taken to the cath lab. Less than an hour later, by 1:00 PM she was back in her room. The doctor told us after surgery that he did not find any significan damage but two of her main arteries were showing signs of serious cholesterol buildup. His decision was to not do anything at this point and using medication, life style changes and exercise to see if she can turn this condition around. We believe she will go home today.

Bobbie gave her family and friends a really big scare but we are all very relieved. She has had to review her recent feelings of denial and accept these changes needed to get well. Phil and I have agreed we will support her life style adjustments in any way we can and be here for her 24/7 as she begins her new adventures in getting healthy.

No pictures this week. I took one of Bobbie in her hospital bed but she threatened me with bodily injury if I published it. LOL! Phil has put the first coat of primer on the living room ceiling and walls. The sanding and preparation were really messy and it took many hours to clean up afterwards but it will be worth it. Hopefully, things will start moving pretty fast now.

Our Cadillac is still in the garage without any news from the mechanic??? We bought another used car, a beautiful 1995 Ford Windstar (pics next week) that is like new inside and out. We hope to sell the Cadillac if he can get it drivable. If it can't be fixed, we will sell it but just for a lot less money.

Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time ...

Sunday, November 07, 2010


…it is not a problem! That is my motto and I am trying desperately to hang on to those meaningful words but lately it has been very hard! Enough with the bad luck already, okay?

First of all, even with all the time and money we spent, the roof over the patio and carport still leaks. Phil has had to jury rig a black plastic gutter system to help slow down the leaks but it is just a band-aid and a permanent fix must wait until next spring or summer. Secondly our washing machine/dryer combination is still not working properly so my elation about having a way to do our laundry at home is off again, on again at best. The technician continues to search for the problem. Thirdly, our cabinetmaker is making excuses and cannot seem to tell us when our kitchen cabinets will be ready to install so we are playing a waiting game with him. We have our doubts whether he has even started working on them yet! The straw that has nearly broken this camel’s back is my wonderful Cadillac prognosis. Our mechanic has not found the cause of the oil not getting to the top of the engine. The oil pressure is good but somehow, it is not getting where it needs to go. He thinks something is plugged up somewhere and has indicated it is a common problem in that year and model of Cadillac. We are fairly certain he will recommend a new engine, which we are not prepared to do for a 21-year old car. Two oil changes, two new tires and new brakes are all for naught. What a bummer!!

Okay, enough of that whining. If money can fix it … it is not a problem, right? Terminal illnesses, the death of a loved one, an unforeseen national disaster are all “problems” but these things I have mentioned are only inconveniences and will be overcome. Time and money is all it will take.

Not much else to talk about. Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time …

Carly and Phil putting some finishing touches on the new wall coverings on the west and north walls of the kitchen.
We are now ready for the cabinets and appliances.

Look at those cheeks! This cute little guy lives somewhere close by and feeds on the bird seed spilled from the feeders.

This is Hershel (Hershey for short). He belongs to our cabinetmaker and Phil relaxed his rule about no animals in the house and let him come in with his "Daddy" for a few minutes.
He was adorable but very shy.

One window in the kitchen finished (cleaned inside and out, screen washed, storm windows cleaned, insulation applied and hung) and new mini blinds installed.
Only nine left to go!

A really pretty tree at dusk outside our local Denney's.

Here is Phil ... hard at work ... sitting in for Les at Rocks 'n Rhinestones this past Friday. We were happy to fill in for Les and Gloria so they could take a day off to attend an estate auction.