Saturday, December 31, 2005

2:40 PM Saturday December 31, 2005


It just doesn’t seem possible that we’ve been living fulltime in our motorhome for 15 months already and traveling around the good ‘ol USA for 13 of those. We’ve also racked up nearly 15,000 miles on our beautiful Pace Arrow since day-1 and we continue our love affair with her and never covet those big fancy diesel pushers at all … well maybe a tiny bit (don’t tell her!) … but mostly because of their huge load capacities.

So, the big question is: “How do we like it so far?” The truth is that I love it—if I had my way, we’d be on the go continuously, travel to every inch of every state and only slow down long enough to rest for a few days, do the laundry and make a trip to Wal*Mart for provisions. However, my partner Phil (who does all the work on the rig, driving, etc.) prefers driving the Pace on the interstates, more extended stopovers and more recreating (i.e. fishing). So … every day is about compromise but that’s what growing old together is all about, right? Don’t let me mislead you—I won’t lie and say we never have a disagreement or that there has never been a day when we didn’t like each other very much but overall, the really good days more than make up for the grumpy days. Whatever we’re doing, it seems to be working because for the most part, we’re both looking forward to our next adventure at about the same time and loving every minute of our retirement!

Here are a few snapshots of some things we’ve seen that haven’t made it to the blog:
Ooops! Don't think we'll try to take the motorhome through this tunnel in MA! Posted by Picasa
Graceful Ostrich near Rocky Ridge NC. Posted by Picasa
My first sighting of Country Cured Hams in Wal*Mart in Wilson NC. I really wanted to buy one but where would I put it? Posted by Picasa
A once grand lady left to die from neglect in NC. Posted by Picasa
Remnants of a still controversial yet shameful time in our country's history on the grounds of the Raleigh NC state house. Posted by Picasa
Water tower near Five County Baseball Stadium in NC. Posted by Picasa
Semi-size bales of freshly picked cotton wrapped in plastic and ready for market in NC. Posted by Picasa
This unusual looking "longhorn" goat alongside the road near Wilson NC. Posted by Picasa
All that's left of the artist Vollis Simpson's giant whirlygig machine shop on Wiggin Mill Road near Lucama NC. He is also the creator of the giant whirlygig at the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. I'll bet this place is wild when the wind blows! Posted by Picasa
Horses and wagon. Posted by Picasa
Tractor and ? Posted by Picasa
Christmas Tree? Posted by Picasa
airplane? Posted by Picasa
Huge pinwheel. Posted by Picasa
Space ship? Posted by Picasa
It probably isn't the smallest but at only 10' X 15', it is very tiny. Located off I-95, Georgia Exit 67 approximately one mile south on Coastal Highway 17. Posted by Picasa
The door is open and it comes complete with a bell tower. Posted by Picasa
We were happy to see these beautiful windows have somehow escaped the vandals who seem to be on the prowl around every corner. Posted by Picasa
Phil standing inside so you can see how small it really is.  Posted by Picasa
This homeowner near Townsend GA pulled out all the stops for his two acre Christmas light display! He must have to take out a loan to pay the electric bill in January. Posted by Picasa
A blimp and a helicopter ... Posted by Picasa
The alligator seems to be chasing the swan! Posted by Picasa
Wow! What a display this was. Posted by Picasa
We were strolling along the paths where the movers and shakers of our country at the turn of the last century came to play. Posted by Picasa
Fine example of a "Live Oak" tree, dripping with Spanish Moss and covered with twinkling Christmas lights. Posted by Picasa