Sunday, September 05, 2010


I don’t know how I can look at my calendar and see blank days all this past week yet it seems we have been at a dead run every day! My pal Margie is talking about having “do nothing days” parked on their lot in Florida and it made me realize we have not had one of those days since our arrival in WA. Me thinks I am going to sleep for a week when our new home base is finished, we are moved in and our first garage sale is over.

Last Sunday was the Half-Price day at the garage sale here at Gloria and Les’s house. After three days, all participants were pleasantly surprised at how well the sales were considering it was not advertised. Just a few signs up on the highway and a steady stream of customers cleared out the majority of the merchandise. Phil and I were the happy recipients of a truckload of leftovers to add to our sale stock for the best price ever … free! 100% profit for us if any of it sells.

On Monday, the broken pump on our washer was replaced and I have been giving it a workout every day since. The timer hiccupped yesterday but recovered and has worked fine since. I think the dryer drum needs to be tweaked as it sounds like it is rubbing somewhere but Phil says I am imagining things. Will let you know if it turns out I am right. Also, it is not perfectly level. Almost but not exactly and when the washer spins it does a tiny little dance. Not bad but enough that I want the level firmed up. Wish me luck on that one. It will be low on Phil’s priority list for sure.

It rained very hard on Tuesday or Wednesday and we discovered our roof repair job is still not 100%. Joe will do some more work on it when he has time and we will hope for the best. What a pain but our only alternative is to keep trying. There is no way we can afford to replace that entire roof this year.

We watched the store on Saturday for Gloria and Lester so they could take a well-deserved day off. We had a pretty good day and talked to a lot of people who will be back to see the “experts” on Tuesday when they are back on duty. The day went fast and I managed to take a few minutes and go shopping across the street at a local thrift store. They were having a 50% off storewide sale and I found a few really good bargains. After we closed Rocks ‘N Rhinestones we drove to Tumwater and helped my sister, Dixie (an antique dealer) close up her most recent Estate Sale for the day. We will go back this morning to help her on the final day of the sale. Usually, her daughter, Tammy is her helper but this weekend, Tammy and her family are in Las Vegas where she took her son, to celebrate his 21st birthday.

All in all, it has been a very busy seven days! Sorry, no pictures this week. I will try to do better next time!
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  1. Glad you are now able to use your very own washer and dryer! Isn't it just great! I'm sure, in time, Phil will get it all fixed just the way you want squeaks or rocking and rolling.

    Yep, I love our "do nothing" days and I think the two of you will both be due a few of them once the work is done.

  2. We don't do garage sales, and when we actually held a few ourselves (in preparation for going full time) what really frosted our cookies were the very early morning vultures who flew in and demanded to buy everything but only if we'd cut the price we were asking to about a dime.

  3. Sounds like you are keeping busy! =)

    It will be so nice to have your own washer/dryer again.

    Sorry to hear about your roof repair. :( I hope you are able to patch things up until a new one can be put on.

    Thrift store shopping! Our favorite! =)

    Have fun and be safe!