Sunday, September 19, 2010


Last Sunday we attended my great niece, Jessie’s “family” birthday party. The previous night, she had a birthday extravaganza with all her friends from school and a few adults for chaperones. We were invited but decided we would pass since we would attend the family party the next day. From all reports, it was a party she will never forget. As usual, my niece Tammy and her husband, Steve pulled out all the stops for their 16 year old daughter and when asked how her party went the night before, Jessie told me … “It was perfect!”

Washington weather is so predictable. We know it will rain … a lot … all winter and the cycle has begun already. In the past I have been living here when we had a magnificent Indian summer and recorded temperatures in the 80s in October. That appears not to be the case in 2010. We had scheduled a garage sale for this weekend that we cancelled due to the rain. We rescheduled for next weekend because the tables we borrowed must be returned that following Tuesday. So we go with our sale … rain or shine!

Daughter, Bobbie’s garage is a single car and we have two 10 X 20 ft canopies up outside so we will be very tight for space if it rains (which we must assume is a positive). Consequently, our sale will be only about half the size we originally planned. Tables outside are out of the question as is using the driveway for larger items. These things will have to wait for our next sale which will be … ? Where we will store these leftover items is unknown as our carport-patio roof is still leaking. Fortunately, we have more dry area than wet so some storage space is possible. Living in WA is a challenge unless you do nothing and stay home all the time. Most Washintonians have learned to live with the rain and for the most part, ignore it. We are slowly adjusting but we do miss that southern sunshine already! It is going to be a long winter …

Our new bathroom is beautiful. Phil has a few little things to do but for all intents and purposes, it is finished. I also want to buy an over the toilet shelf unit and a couple towel bars, put up a curtain and hang a few pictures. The demolition in the kitchen is next. Phil has already removed most of the cupboards, leaving the sink area intact because we needed it to clean up some garage sale items.

Took a few pictures to share.

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  1. Nice to have you back blogging. Your new bathroom is terrific - the paint is very pretty. Hey, come on back to Florida for the winter - haven't had any rainy days lately, just beautiful blue skies with pretty white clouds. Can't imagine you enjoying living where it rains so much! Good luck with your garage sale next weekend - hope the rain holds off for you.

  2. Golly, Joy, you're going to have to start being a Washingtonian -- can't just sit inside and do nothing, or it will be a loooonnnnggg winter! Kind of like down here in Arizona in the summer. There are still lots of things to do and see, unless you are totally grounded by health problems. Good luck with your rainy garage sale!