Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sophie is having a hard time putting up with our new but adorable young puppy.  Her sense of humor is failing her to put it mildly.  However, he absolutely adores her and she is more tolerant every day but still puts  him in his place when she tires of his shenanigans.  Chewie, (his full name is Chewbacca, "Chewie" for short.  We decided he is a member of the Wookie species :) from the Star Wars series ... get it?) anyway, he doesn't know she has only a few teeth so when she snaps at him, he pays attention.

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  1. Is Phil still with you?? The same guy who wouldn't let Annie and Buddy in your motor home last winter? The same guy who said no more pets in his house ever again? Just wondering.

    Sophie and Chewie are absolutely adorable. Love the outfit and bows. Too cute.

    Roger said today that he thinks you two have really "settled". I said I hadn't heard the word Yuma in a long, long time. I'm just so glad to read how busy and active you are compared to last winter - just wonderful! We are so happy for you both and miss you. By the way, we sure have enjoyed the patio set you gave us!