Sunday, March 06, 2011


More family stuff so if you are not interested, try again next week.

Update on Sara ...

She is fighting prenatal diabetes. Watching her diet closely and testing her blood sugar four times a day. To me (a long time type 2 diabetic) her sugar seems just fine but they want it no higher than 99 before eating and no higher than 120 after eating. They are keeping an eye on it because the baby is growing very fast and they estimate he/she is two weeks ahead in size. If he/she gets too big is could force a C-section. Last ultrasound was still not difinitive. Baby was not in a good position to determine sex... darn!

Went to basketball game to watch Carly on Thursday and then the Belfair auction on Friday. We are gearing up for another garage sale and will share the space with sister, Dixie. This breaks my usual precedent (we usually do our sales alone) but we are needing to sell a bunch of inventory and she found a grange hall between Shelton and Olympia that rents for a reasonable fee so we decided to go for it.

Update on Megan: Babies are doing fine but mother is suffering from morning sickness big time. She sailed through pregnancy with Sean-Michael three years ago but this time it appears to be a whole new ballgame.

Bobbie went garage saling with me this past Saturday. Found a dining room table, chairs and china cabinet for $275 which she haggled down to $225. She's learning! Phil and Sara's Jason moved it home for her. It looks nice ... forgot to take picture ... what else is new lately, right?

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