Saturday, November 28, 2009


Last Sunday in spite of the rainy weather, we drove north from Monticello, GA to Plains, GA to visit the hometown of Jimmy Carter. The town is so small I would not have been surprised to run into Jimmy on the one block long main street of town. However, it didn’t happen. We did buy some souvenirs at the old Carter peanut warehouse and sampled some of the peanut butter ice cream. The boyhood home of Jimmy is a nice, middle class farmhouse and we were surprised to see it is just left open without a docent or “guard” on site. That kind of trust is unusual.

Just a few miles up the highway from Plains, we visited the location of the infamous Confederate prison camp in Andersonville, GA. It is now a National Historic Site and is managed and maintained by the National Park Service. The gloomy, rainy weather contributed to the overall feeling of melancholy as we drove around the beautifully groomed countryside. In the National Cemetery the Union soldiers graves, lined up row after row after row led to such a feeling of frustration … and screamed the question … WHY? So many men received brutal inhumane treatment and suffered so much—so many lives lost and for what? I know I don’t have the answers but there just has to be a better way to solve our problems than war. We took a brief tour of the National POW Museum but again the suffering it represents is beyond my comprehension. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t take pictures inside.

We had a comfortable, uneventful drive from Monticello to Davenport, FL. When we arrived, we wound our way through the park until we found the site we had rented. We passed our friend, Margie out walking her adorable little Chihuahua, Buddy along the way. Soon she and her husband, Roger were at our site on their recently purchased cute little golf cart and watched as Phil backed Penny the Pace perfectly into our new site on the first try.

After one day to wind down, we attended the Thanksgiving potluck dinner in the Citrus Ridge Clubhouse. It was a wonderful meal and we were sure we wouldn’t eat again for two days. However, since the next day was our birthdays (Phil and I share the same birthday) we managed to rustle up an appetite to enjoy the steak and lobster we prepared for our celebration dinner. It was delicious!
Needless to say, this week has probably contributed to adding a few pounds, at least for me. Phil never worries about his weight no matter when or how much he eats!
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  1. Happy birthday to you both! As some warrior or philosopher rightly pointed out, "War is Hell." Why we have to do that to ourselves and each other is unfathomable.

  2. I am glad you had a good birthday. My computer must have had the wrong day. Happy b/d to Phil also. All is well here.

  3. Happy birthday to the both of you! I hope you have a wonderful year.