Sunday, October 19, 2008


Pleasanton weather report: With temperatures barely into the 70s and overcast skies forecast for next week, we are folding our tent and slipping away … just in time! Monday (tomorrow) is travel day for Miss Penny the Pace and her support crew. It is obvious that the weather people read my blog and I have some influence on them because the conditions in the bay area (even in San Francisco) have been absolutely perfect this past week. Thank you to the powers that be! Phil and I are convinced we can find more of the same as we move south.

A few days ago, we received some disturbing news from son, Mike in Washington. While painting the trim on the upper floor of his house he fell off the ladder and broke himself into little pieces on the concrete driveway. His collar bone, his arm in two places, his elbow and his wrist as well as his heel were all either badly bruised or broken. He had surgery on Friday and ended up in the Cardiac Care Unit from what they believe to be a reaction to the anesthetic. It took a few hours but he was eventually stabilized and is doing much better now. Mike told his dad, “It could have been worse …I didn’t land on my head or break my neck!” In retrospect, we had to agree. It will be a long road to recovery but Mike is strong and determined … he’ll be okay. Get well soon son!

Yesterday, Phil prepared his famous spaghetti dinner for all of us. As usual, it was delicious with lots of leftovers and although Julie and Doug were out of town, it gave us another chance to say goodbye to Rex and Cindy. We will go back today to say our goodbyes to Robin and Walt and come home early to start preparing for our departure in the morning. Phil and I really like it here and as always, have had a wonderful time visiting family in Pleasanton.

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  1. OUCH! Mike is right, it could have been a lot worse. He has a good attitude.

    Pleasanton is a nice area. Years ago we lived in Livermore and commuted to Oakland. That was well before major interstate highways and BART.

    Loved every minute of it.

    Safe travel, we'll follow along with you.

    Jerry and Suzy