Sunday, July 13, 2008

Handyman Phil is back to work!

Weather report: at 8 am it is 68 degrees in Shelton and the sun is shining. Now this is more like it! I suppose it certainly could be considered “perfect” weather and the reason people live in the northwest … for these two or three days a year … only kidding (I think)!

You may notice a slightly different look to Backroad Chronicles this week. I have wanted to add a list of our favorite links for some time but my former template was not capable of that feature (it was an old one). So I upgraded to this new format and added three of my daily reads. Just click on them and you can check in on our friends who write almost daily and are fun to travel along with. Two are full time Rvers and one is a part time traveler but her daily life is very interesting even if she isn’t on the road. Our profile has dropped down the page a ways but the most disturbing was losing our hit counter. I will eventually put one back on but have not taken the time so far.

My daughter Bobbie bought a new (to her) house the end of December, 2007. It was the buy of the year in Mason County but as you might expect, it needed (and still needs) some serious fixing up. However, even so it is a wonderful house and in an excellent location (Remember: location, location, location!) Wanting to take advantage of our being in Shelton, Bobbie took some vacation time this past week and Phil and I have been donating a bit of sweat equity to her bottom line. Phil has concentrated on her third bedroom which will be her office. He has been painting (many coats because the former resident’s child used the walls of this room for her artistic canvas—with permanent markers) and installing upgraded trim and baseboard molding.

I have been helping her shop for miscellaneous goodies at Wal*Mart (it is hard work but someone has to do it) and doing some rearranging and organizing for her. The plan was to get her office ready to go before she returns to work tomorrow but as usual—the best laid plans, etc. etc.—so we still have lots of work to do and will continue helping her next week while she is at work. Of course, along with Bobbie working on her projects every spare hour, her fiancĂ©, Bob and son, Joe have been putting in many hours as well so a lot is getting done. With imagination, the end result is obvious and wonderful but because of all the boxes stacked up everywhere and furniture in disarray, living with the renovation is beginning to rattle this new homeowner. Hopefully, we can clear a few paths for her before we are finished.

Even with our days spent helping out at Bobbie’s house, we found time to go garage-saling and found some bargains for her and a few bargains for ourselves. Our size and load capacity definitely control our purchases but it is sure fun to shop for someone else. Phil and Les have managed to get out to the lakes fishing a couple times this past week. Phil says the fish are getting wise to them and the last couple times out have been a bit more elusive. Les bought a new gasoline motor for his 12 ft. aluminum boat and compared to the little electric motor they had been using, they can practically ski behind the boat now. Guess what? Now the boat rides are much more fun for our big boys.

Question of the day: What is the name of the first novel written on a typewriter?

Answer: Tom Sawyer about 135 years ago. We have come a long way in a very short time!

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