Sunday, May 17, 2009


Good morning sunshine! It is only 50’f but it is wonderful to see the sun after a mostly cloudy four days. We lived through another thunder and lightning storm that was very close overhead and the pump house for the RV park was struck. Not enough damage that we lost our water but some repair work was in order the next day. The weather people have promised good weather for the next week in our neck of the woods, here in Mountain Grove and where we will be next week, a tiny town called Jonesburg. We are ready for some blue skies! I must say again how much beauty there is to see in the state of Missouri. It is a great place to visit but I definitely couldn’t live here with such violent weather every year. We talked to some fellow tourists who live in MO yesterday. I asked them why they continue to live here with all the wind, tornadoes, lightning and flooding. Their answer: “It is so pretty, it is home and Mom lives here.” Okay ~~ ?

Our days have been filled with driving the beautiful back (we call them the alphabet roads—A, B, X, Y, etc.) roads to and from Marshfield, MO where I have been doing some genealogy research. You can see from the map that we have traveled just about every one in between the two towns. Each road is so different (pastoral, undulating hills and hollers, big and small farms, tiny hamlets and forests) and there is a surprise around every turn. I have a great, great grandmother and a great uncle buried in a small cemetery on the edge of that town. Sadly, their graves are not marked and the Historical Society does not have any records of who is buried where except for the deceased with headstones. Still, it is good to find them and record their final resting place for future generations. In our travels we have passed dozens of tiny cemeteries along side the roads. We are pleased to see that today, most seem to be well taken care of but sadly, their record keeping 100 years and more ago obviously fell through the cracks. The Research Center in Marshfield has been very helpful.

Plenty of pictures this week. Hope you enjoy them and please leave your comments! I love to hear from you.

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  1. Joy, so interesting what you're doing with your genealogy! Its great that you two can travel and discover family history. Hopefully it will be one of the best treasures you pass on to your family. (:

  2. Every place has negative's. I think it's where your comfortable and what feels like home. I could never go back to my "home" either, TN is home. MO is a beautiful state. I didn't know you had relative's from there. I have a Great Aunt living in Springfield.

  3. Vicki: I have been working on my family history since 1965. But, nothing beats the feeling you get when you are finally able to walk in your ancestor's footsteps (so to speak)! I am so grateful for the chance to do this research on site and yes, I do this as a gift to my family.

    Sharon: Although my home is where I park it now, I can still understand how other people feel about their piece of ground wherever it might be. Great aunt on your dad's side? Wish I had known, I would have stopped by and given her a hug for you :)

  4. The g. aunt is my step father's sister. I think she's in assisted living now. We visited her when my mom and I were there, she and another sister who was living at the time.

    Walking where your ansestor's walked is a sacred feeling. I always catch myself wondering if they were ever exactly where I am and what they were thinking. I think of that and the G. Uncle who died here in Tullahoma in the Civil War. I sure would like to know if he is buried here, but have never been able to find it out.

  5. Gosh, I guess we didn't wait long enough yesterday to see all your pictures! We also love the back "alphabet" roads, because they do lead to ... what? Who knows until you find out. The baby llamas look as if they'd tip over with that big head at the end of their very long, skinny neck!

    Keep on driving around and looking. This year you are our eyes and our wheels. Next year, though, look out!

  6. Hi... Looks like your having a great time... Missouri is a beautiful state... Have fun!!!