Sunday, May 17, 2009

The "rock house", an English cottage was built for Laura and her husband, Almanzo Wilder by their daughter, Rose for their retirement. Rose paid $11,000 to build the house and another $3,000 to have electricity brought out to them from town.
When Rose moved out of the original farm house, the Wilder's moved back "home" to live out their final days. This wonderful house was a rental until the 1990s and has been restored to how it looked when Laura lived there.


  1. It's a lovely looking cottage. We haven't seen it, but I believe Nick Russell did a thing on it some time back, or we read about it in a magazine. Thanks for telling us about it again! It's good to see things through others' eyes!

  2. Really enjoyed all the photos this week. This home is really nice. By the way, Roger said you guys need to get out of Missouri due to all that bad weather you had.