Sunday, May 24, 2009

47 and counting! If all goes well, we will add Iowa in less than two weeks and the lower 48 map will be complete. We have visited many states several times ... not bad for less than five years on the road!


  1. Joy and Phil. it's still our plan to visit the rest of the states we haven't seen yet, plus some more of Canada. We are enjoying your visit to Missouri, and we DO take offense at the endless billboards where they occur as you show.

    Keep on truckin', we'll keep reading and following along with you!

  2. I seriously doubt that I will come anywhere close to seeing 48 states but I sure do admire you guys. We are seeing green grass and smelling the pine---and loving there NOT being snow! I am heading to Florida on Wednesday and will be doing my blog from there---so it will be a surprise as to what I will be reporting!