Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well, I will warn you that today’s blog is going to be less than exciting. No stormy weather to report, little sightseeing and mostly just eating (in and out) and sleeping—resting, reading, a bit of house (Penny the Pace) maintenance, doing laundry and computing. Just the same, normal, everyday stuff that most retired people who reside in one place do ... every day. The weather has been just about perfect since my last blog. The humidity numbers are on the higher side of comfortable but we dug out our portable dehumidifier from under the bed and put it to work and that really helps. This morning at 7 AM it was 70f, a bit overcast, no wind and just lovely outside.

Our fellow (mostly holiday) campers are out and about, drinking coffee, visiting, walking their dogs and admiring the resident duck population. This campground was iffy for us because it is very overgrown with many trees but we got lucky and found a hole in the canopy so our Datastorm could lock on to the proper satellite and luckily, we have Internet. It has been nice to be in some greenery for a change, which we usually avoid. We have shade and the fresh smell from the grass and the trees is wonderful.

And speaking of this campground (Jonesburg Garden Campground) we are paying twice as much as we usually do ($190) and they have assured us this is their best rate for a week. We questioned the amount and were told the taxes in this county are higher than others and that is their justification. It is an old KOA and just so you know, it is very run down. The location is great, with easy access on and off I-70 at exit 183 near Jonesburg, MO. The railroad is nearby (of course) but we have only heard a couple trains a day. They have a small fishing pond that Phil has not tried out but he says there are fish in it and a large group of ducks that stroll and strut around like they own the place. The sites are all pull thrus (if a bit narrow) with FHU and free WiFi. We have been lucky so far and had no neighbors on our passenger side. We don’t get too excited about an occasional higher priced park because when averaged with the really low priced parks we stay in—we will stay well within our yearly budget.

Mmmmmmm, I smell bacon! Does anything smell better when cooked outside? I wonder if we could wrangle a breakfast invitation …

Until next time...


  1. My husband cooked me bacon and eggs this morning :) I still have a hand painted wooden plate that I got in Iowa at a craft place. The people were so gracious and friendly there. Glad you got some shade, that's the tradeoff I guess, internet or shade :(

  2. Your post was great. Shucks they can't all be SUPER exciting!! Just getting out of bed is pretty exciting when you get my age!!!:-)

    I well know how hard it is to come up with a post sometimes. i'll bet mine get REAL boring,,,,,,

    Hope the storms stay away. I remember last year at this time when we were in Lincoln, Nebr. with Scott, the storms were TERRIBLE.

    Take care!!

    Mike (&Pat)

  3. Joy, thank you for your note on my blog. Funny how as we get older, we find out what things in life really are most important. Our idea of treasures change.

    I love reading about your adventures. What a great experience to just travel and see this great and wonderful country we have. I've done alot of travel around the country up until I got married. Then all I wanted to was to tend my nest of 3 babies. (: Now I'm kinda thinking it would be great fun to do what you do. I always find your travels interesting. I think I'd croak too at the $190 price tag for a one week spot too! Wowee... (: Have a great week~ Vicki