Sunday, May 17, 2009

No photographs are allowed inside. The Wilders started with one or two rooms and added on over the years. It is a typical late 19th century farm house that was modernized over the years with indoor plumbing and electricity. The living room is the exception. It has a good size library nook, rock fireplace and window seats. Perfect for a cozy place to curl up and read a good book.

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  1. Oh Joy I am SO glad you visited this. Did you go to the cemetary where they are buried? This was the last trip I took my Mother on. You made me tear up this morning, but they are good memories. Having cut my teeth on Laura's books I knew every detail of what was in the museums etc. If you get to Des Met SD. be sure to visit the headquarter's for me :) Nikki and I want to do a "Laura Tour". Starts in Wisconsin, Minnesota and goes to Iowa, Mo, etc. up to SD and then to MO her final resting place. As you can tell I'm very passionate about her !