Sunday, May 03, 2009

MOTHER NATURE SEEMS DISTURBED … think it’s gonna rain?

Question: My readership continues to grow each week and I am wondering if I should sign up for Ad Sense and maybe supplement our fixed income a little bit. What are your thoughts on this dear reader? Please leave me a comment … yea or nay … and give me some insight into this idea. THANK YOU so much!

It seems to me … it is time for a change in the weather east of the Mississippi! Apparently, our travel style is getting more cautious as we get older … OR … maybe smarter is the right word! For several months in 2005 we traveled in the north and southeast and I do not remember once postponing our next leg of the trip because of inclement weather. In those days (our second year on the road) we were still in “vacation” mode and moving faster. We experienced the best and the worst of what the weatherman dished out, but we kept moving. This tour (our fifth year) we are determined to travel slower and take our time. Our dear friends, Margie and Roger have assured us we are welcome to stay in their driveway as long as we want or need to (or until their house sells) so what’s the problem? It is probably a “control” issue! When we stay in one place for an extended length of time because we choose to—it’s one thing but when Mother Nature gives us her worst, and forces us (as a precautionary measure) to stay put—we resent it! So… it seems to me, since it is the month of May … it is TIME for a change. Phil and I are really looking forward to some sunshine! How about you?

It has been a wonderful experience getting to know Margie and Roger and their babies, Annie and Buddy, two terrific little Chihuahuas. We have shared our time, our meals and our hopes and dreams in many hours of conversation. Margie has chauffeured us in their comfy little Honda CRV (we really like this car) all over town to restaurants, dozens of garage sales this past Friday and Saturday and sightseeing during the breaks in the downpours. Our friends are both retired but working part time while they wait for their house to sell. The economic downturn, which includes the real estate market, has slowed any prospective buyers to a tiny trickle and waiting is getting more tedious as time goes by. They say patience is a virtue but sometimes even the most tolerant of us can become frustrated. Is anyone out there interested in a very reasonably priced, stately three-bedroom home on a quiet dead-end street with a beautiful swimming pool and an acre of glorious lawn in Gallatin, TN?

Last Monday we got up early and drove the Red Ranger east (about 260 miles round trip) to the Jamestown, TN area. My cousin, Sissy (aka Lee—our mothers were sisters) and her husband, Warner built a stunning home in a wooded community on ten acres about 20 miles outside of this tiny town. Warner is a retired architect and he (of course) designed and decorated the house. It is very impressive. They have three beautiful horses and a very big but lovable Doberman named “Dobie” that has to be restrained because he will lick you to death if you let him. Four years my junior, it has been many years since I’ve seen my cousin and she is just as beautiful, interesting and full of life as ever. She prepared a lovely chicken salad for lunch and baked a cherry pie for dessert. Both were delicious! After we ate, she took me for a tour of her property on the back seat of her Arctic Cat four-wheeler. The primitive trails that are roughly cleared, across creeks and fallen trees crisscross the region and took us past wild rhododendrons and fantastic rock formations that are called rock houses. Later, her friend Judy came and I switched seats to ride with her in her Kawasaki Mule, also a four-wheeler, and Phil climbed on the back of the cat and we took another tour. What fun it was!

Phil’s “to do” list on Penny the Pace which included some precautionary caulking, has been stalled out because of the wet weather. One product he has wanted to try for several years has been ordered via the Internet. Delivery of “Eternabond,” an RVer’s best friend is expected any day now and will be put to good use around our slide.

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  1. Rain and procrastinating painters have delayed our kitchen too. our back yard looks like the MS river.!

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I am in favor of anything that adds to your fiscal health (and is legal of course). I have enjoyed reading your posts for some time now and thought I would pass on that I told Bubba Dennis (Dennis Quick Auto - Snyder, Texas) about your nice comment in your 3-29-09 post. They are great people and I'm glad you had such a positive experience.

  3. If you are looking for sunshine, you left a lot behind you here in Arizona. We're running in the 90's this week in Benson, and it's only early May.

    As for AdSense, it's your decision of course -- our choice is not to use it. Of course, we only have about 16 readers, so it wouldn' make a lot of sense (AdSense?) for us.

  4. I had ADsense on my blog for over a year and did not earn one cent from it. It was annoying me to have it there as it was generating no income, so I removed it. That is just my experience with it.

    My mother still lives in Georgia and she is keeping me abreast of the weather there. I think it is just a bad weather year. Hope it clears up for you soon.

  5. I don't know what Ad sense is but from your other comments I think I get it. I am still recovering from getting rear ended but am OK. Just stiff today. Rain here too with intermitent sun shine.