Sunday, December 30, 2007

9:17 am Sunday, December 30, 2007

We have had some sad news in the past few days that has kept me on pins and needles waiting for the phone to ring. My sister, Dixie on her way to dinner at her daughter, Tammy’s house ended up in the emergency room. It happened this past Thursday evening. The weather was rainy and cold and on the way to the car she slipped and fell. The first call I received told me she had broken her hip and possibly her left arm. She was examined at the hospital, admitted and orthopedic surgery was scheduled for Friday afternoon. By 7 pm that evening Tammy called to say her mother was in recovery and the surgeon reported he had been able to put a pin in the hip bone and although it took longer than expected, all went well. Additional good news was that her arm was not broken … bruised and badly bent but okay.

Dixie of course is worried about work. She and her husband, Paul are not retired. She is a self-employed antique dealer (no paid leave) and he is a self-employed carpenter. Dixie travels around the Pacific Northwest setting up at craft fairs, fairgrounds, armories, exhibition halls, malls and any other place where she can rent space and there are long-standing contractual reservations that need to be honored. She also organizes estate sales and garage sales for clients. This turn of events will create extreme challenges that in today's light seem nearly insurmountable. Hopefully, assistance is only a request away.
This work is labor intensive but has been a fascinating and enjoyable way to earn a living over the past 30 plus years they have been married. Along the way, Dixie and Paul have accumulated an impressive array of beautiful antiques that adorn their large Victorian home which Paul has lovingly and skillfully built for his wife. Of course, it is not finished but I suppose you have heard the story about the shoemaker’s family, or the plumber’s wife?

I called the hospital yesterday and spoke to Dixie. As someone who has abhorred asking for help her entire life, she is embarrassed and upset by her accident (As well as worrying about how she looks for visitors!). Without much success, I did my best to assure her no one cares whether she is perfectly coifed as she lies there in her hospital bed. Overall, she sounded pretty good as she complained that the hospital staff had her sitting up on the side of the bed yesterday morning (she said it was very painful) and also had some less than positive comments about the food that had been offered to her so far. I would say that is a good sign!
I will close this post with a heartfelt wish for all of my family, friends and faithful readers that they enjoy the happiest and healthiest new year ever in 2008.

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