Monday, December 03, 2007

7:38 pm Monday, December 3, 2007

There are gremlins in my computer. Phil discovered them but how they got in there is unknown.

My last post included four pictures. In the past, clicking on my pictures has allowed you to enlarge them to get a better look but when you click on any of these four, you get a box that asks you if you want to open or save this file? Huh?

If you click on “open” you are bombarded with a file full of odd pictures—none of which have anything to do with Phil and I or our travels. I recognize some of them as other Blogger’s photos but WHY they can be opened through my blog is a big mystery to me.

I have tried to “fix” it but have had no luck. So … I will just apologize and advise you that this phenomenon is not of my doing. I tend to think “Blogger” is suffering some form of cross contamination and hopefully, the gremlins will be gone by my next post.

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