Sunday, December 09, 2007

9:06 am Sunday, December 9, 2007

Back in Yuma—full circle in seven and a half months. The weather is cool (only 42 degrees this morning when I crawled out of bed at 6 am) but no rain and not much wind—which is a good thing. Phil drove Penny the Pace with both hands tightly gripping the wheel from Casa Grande to Yuma on Friday because of the steady, often gusty wind out of the south the whole way. We were both very happy to reach our destination.

We did have a couple unplanned stops. A pickup truck came along and motioned upward with his hand and we slowed way down and pulled over. Our small awning that protects the slide out when it is extended had been sucked out and the wind was having its way with it. We slowly drove on down the road to the next exit, pulled off and managed to get level where we intended to extend the slide but hit a glitch with the trim. We brought the slide back in and the awning rolled itself back up perfectly. Okay, we’ll worry about the trim later and we raised the jacks and continued down the road. Ooops! A gust sucked it back out a few more miles down the road and by the time we pulled off it had corrected itself again. That is one strong spring! This time, Phil brought out the big guns and with fiberglass strapping tape, he secured the spring so it couldn’t possibly unwind and we continued our trip without further incident. We have been thinking about replacing that awning so that chore has moved up toward the top of the “to do” list.

We had a great visit in Phoenix with my cousins. Beverly and her sister, Norma who is visiting for the winter from Idaho are my mother’s first cousins. Their parents were brother and sister. Bev’s daughter, Kathy who is a fellow family genealogist came over and joined us for lunch. What fun we had telling family stories and looking at some old photos while the afternoon flew by. We have made plans to spend a week or longer in the Phoenix area in February so we can spend some more time together.

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