Sunday, December 16, 2007

9:42 am Sunday, December 16, 2007

As I look out Penny’s big front window, I can see palm trees swaying in the breeze … wispy white clouds and a baby blue sky. Not exactly your typical winter wonderland scene. After dark, it gets a bit better when all the decorations in the RV Park are turned on and if you are so inclined, it is easier to get in the Christmas spirit. Phil started to close the front drapes last night and I asked him to leave them open for a while longer so I could enjoy the lights all over the club house/office/mail room and swimming pool/spa area. It helps.

We finished our snail mail Christmas cards yesterday and they are in the mail. Writing our “Season’s Greetings” letter is fairly easy since I keep all activities (or lack thereof) on our calendar but it still seems strange writing in the desert sunshine. Back in the ‘old days” I remember watching the snow fall while I sat at my computer and the words would flow easily about our yearly activities. The e-mail recipient list gets longer every year due to more and more family and friends going on line. Thanks guys, that does save a lot of cash for stamps!

To help salve my feelings of melancholy about wintery weather during the holidays (no problem the rest of the year!), I subscribe to a blog written by a lady who lives on a small farm in Wisconsin. She is a true grass roots mid-westerner and she is also a writer. LeAnn sells her books online through her website, at fairs and flea markets in the summer and recently added national booksellers as well. If you sign up for her blog, she will send it out to you about every two weeks. She tells her readers about life on the farm—warts and all—and has many other interesting topics. Her writing transports me back to the land (as most of you know I have an overactive "farmer" gene) and because she is an animal lover, for me at least, (some would say she goes overboard) that is frosting on the cake. I have not bought any of her books but have read many excerpts on line. PG rated and full of homespun humor, her books tell the stories about her life growing up on the farm.

My gift to you today is the link to this interesting ladies blog … enjoy!

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