Wednesday, May 09, 2007

9:45 a.m. Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Phil has gone fishing ... and this time he remembered the camera. Both he and Les have caught a really big fish and those times neither had a camera. Hopefully, having the camera along will not jinx these determined and tireless fisherman.
Yesterday was laundry day. Since we do not have a washer and dryer inside Penny the Pace (many people do) we tend to put off the chore until an empty underwear drawer forces the issue. There are three laundromats in Shelton. The small one beside a rundown apartment building north of town is disgustingly dirty with old machines and one that we avoid. There is one that has been recently renovated downtown that sells a “credit” card in amounts of $1 to $20 from a machine on the wall for use in the new washers and dryers. We hesitate to use this one since we never know how much doing our laundry will cost and if we end up with unused credit, whether we will return. We prefer the pay as you go with real money at the newest establishment in the little strip mall across from Wal*Mart. After almost three years of practice, Phil and I work as a smooth operating team and are typically in and out in about two hours. I have about an hours worth of prep work sorting into like loads and pre-wash spraying for hard to clean soil and stains before we go and another hour after we return home putting the clean clothes away but all in all, we have the whole job finished in usually less than four hours. There is nothing as sweet smelling as the scent of clean laundry!
When the laundry was done, we went upstairs as Gloria and Les had invited us for dinner. We stuffed ourselves with huge homemade hamburgers complete with all the fixin's! Delicious!

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