Sunday, May 06, 2007

8:58 a.m. Sunday May 6, 2007

Back in the old home town and busy, busy, busy! Since we arrived our days have been spilling over with fun, family, friends and fishing. The weather has been chilly and damp with sun spots here and there—typical northwest stuff and I am wearing long pants and socks for the first time in seven months. I also have to apologize because for some unknown reason, I have forgotten that I own a camera and that I want to take pictures for the blog. Not one photograph has been captured since we reached our destination. The camera is at the ready but obviously, the posterity mindset is on vacation. Go figure!

Phil has accomplished one exceedingly productive day of fishing and is planning another expedition tomorrow and in just a few days we have managed to share an occasional breakfast, lunch or dinner with our friends and our family. We also attended the Puyallup RV and Home Show this past Friday. It is always entertaining to see the new ideas and innovations coming from the RV industry. However, as usual--the designers do not live in the real world, at least the real world of fulltimers. These palaces on wheels are beautiful but not very practical. One lovely motorhome managed to get out of the factory without a closet in the bedroom! As predicted, after inspecting dozens of new coaches from 30 foot entry level gas models to 45 foot diesel pushers with prices that leave us in sticker shock, our Penny the Pace looked real good when we got home. She is wearing a little bit thin around the edges but for us her comfort level is way up at the top of the charts. She is in fact “home” and when the time comes, she will be very difficult to replace.

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