Friday, May 11, 2007

1:33 p.m. Friday May 12, 2007

Yesterday we were invited to a potluck dinner at our friends, Barb and Dave's home near the top of Dow Mountain above Lake Cushman west of the Hood Canal community of Hoodsport. They live almost completely off the grid. A rainwater catchment system provides cold clean water to the holding tank in the new pump house built by Dave. A huge generator only run every two or three days at the most, provides electricity which is stored by one very large battery and the "Russian Fireplace" built up through the center of the totally open floor plan house provides comfortable heat for the 2000 sq. ft. space and a small kerosene heater chases away the chill if the fire goes out. The house and the septic system were in place when Barb and Dave purchased the property but they have been working steady to improve and impliment all the creature comforts. There have yet to acquire satellite internet or telephone so a trip down off the mountain is necessary to access either but the peace and quiet is palpable and very much what this resourceful and adventurous couple appreciates. Barb's decorating talent is fabulous and her new home's decor leans toward an eclectic "southwest" theme. Beautiful and so comfortable.

Phil and I enjoyed sharing our possible "off the grid" lifestyle stories with another couple who have adapted to a nearly "green" way of living. As we so often say, it is not for everyone, but it is very do-able when someone decides to make it happen.

A really good time was had by all! Thank you Barb and Dave for the invitation.

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