Friday, May 04, 2007

8:43 a.m. Friday May 4, 2007

We have arrived in Shelton, safe and sound. We are settled in with all systems up and running and managed in the first 24 hours to go out to eat in our two favorite places. The Little Creek Casino for dinner our first night and the Pine Tree Restaurant for breakfast the next day.

We went to the casino with our hosts and friends, Gloria and Les where Phil and Les ate until they could eat no more—heaping plates full of steamed clams, stir fry shrimp and chilled Dungeness crab legs. I made the mistake of putting food on my plate before I had taken a look at the whole buffet and consequently missed the baked salmon and fried oysters, two of my favorites. I ate my teriyaki steak and perfectly cooked asparagus along with mashed potatoes and gravy and was too full to go back so they will just have to wait until our next trip.

As we walked in the front door of the casino, I heard “Grandma!!” and looked up to see my beautiful granddaughter, Sara behind the cashier/hostess counter. I knew she worked there but had forgotten until the moment we walked in. What a wonderful surprise! Later she sat down with us when she took her ten minute break so we had a quick visit. All is well in her world and we were promised a visit so we could meet the new boyfriend.

My sister, Dixie and her husband, Paul came by yesterday. She picked up her medication we purchased for her in Mexico and then with Gloria and Les, the six of us went to another local cafĂ©, Blondie’s for dinner. Afterward, Dixie and Paul left for home and G & L and Phil and I went to their house to watch “Dream Girls”. We all agreed that Jennifer Hudson deserved her Oscar!

This morning, we are on our way to Puyallup RV Show. Just love looking at all the latest and greatest new motorhomes.

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