Sunday, May 20, 2007

9:42 a.m. Sunday May 20, 2007

It is raining in Shelton today. Most likely, it is raining everywhere in this state today but what else is new? It threatened yesterday and even sprinkled some but during the night Mother Nature got serious and we have the familiar steady drip from the low, gray clouds today. Rain without wind doesn’t bother me too much except for the muddy shoes. Unfortunately, we never established a Japanese style household in Penny the Pace so shoes come in and bring their cruddy bottoms with them. Then again, fortunately, shoe scrapers and rugs get most of the yuck before it finds its way inside.

My great niece, Sophie celebrated her tenth birthday yesterday and her parents, Beth and Arne invited the family for dinner then cake and ice cream. Her dad took the lead by preparing the entree: angel hair pasta and cheese tortellini with the choice of red sauce or Alfredo sauce and homemade bread and rolls. while Beth prepared buffalo (yes, aka bison-they were good) and turkey meat balls and tossed a green salad from their garden with all the accompaniments. Sophie’s mom also made the delicious lemon and vanilla four layer cake and her grandpa, Walt made the homemade vanilla and raspberry ice cream we all enjoyed so it truly was a family affair.

Sophie enjoyed opening her gifts with the proper amounts of ooohs and aaaahs and “thank you’s” then went off to spend the night with her 1st cousin, 1R, Jessica in Olympia. This afternoon, the family will meet up again at my sister, Dixie’s house for a family potluck, get together … “just because” … no special reason except to get to see everyone and have a great meal and a good visit. Phil and I are especially looking forward to seeing our family from Seattle and Puyallup (my Aunt Elaine who winters in Yuma and her sister, my Aunt Beverly). They arrived back in WA from Yuma May 11th.

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