Wednesday, October 18, 2006

12:22 PM Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Riding along with us in our Penny the Pace is a cupboard full of musical CDs and audiotapes as well as books on tape. We have a good quality radio/tape player and CD player with an excellent speaker system built into our Penny. In over two years we have used it no more than an hour or so. Phil and I both appreciate good music and are enthusiastic readers but as we travel we especially enjoy discussing the countryside/terrain/flora and fauna as well as other places and things of interest we observe as we maneuver our way along the highways and byways (we call it “new territory”) so we never turn on the radio or play our tapes and CDs.

One of our fun things to do as we travel happens when we spot an obvious industrial plant by the road. If their sign offers no explanation as to just exactly what their product or service is, I write down the name of the company. Then later, I look it up on the Internet and sometimes we have guessed correctly and other times, we’re totally surprised. I also write down anything we stumble across in our conversations that we don’t understand or wonder about to look up later as well. It’s amazing to us how much more we have to learn—even at our age!

Since we are both losing our hearing gracefully (ha!) in our old age, Penny’s engine noise is more than enough distraction for us. We still use the infamous “huh?” word way more than we’d like but since we’re not millionaires, we can’t afford hearing aids! I believe one of the reasons we have adapted so well to being full time Rvers is that we still enjoy talking to each other along the way.

Our trip south to Sandy Utah was very pleasant and uneventful. Just the way we like them! Phil spent some time the day before we left Idaho trying to run down any possible problems concerning the Gear Vendor and found nothing. He did clean and check all connections and Penny ran perfectly—without a hiccup all the way. We had hoped to stop in to see a Gear Vendor dealer when we went to Boise but they weren’t open on Saturday, the day we managed to get there. We have no idea why her trouble has gone away (for now anyway) but we are very pleased it did.

We were a bit intimidated by a weather front moving into Utah when we arrived but now that it has passed, according to the weatherman, nothing but clear skies are forecast for the near future. Not warm mind you but clear and we can live with that! Our next more southern destination (St. George, UT) even had some heavy rains but fortunately no snow. We have heard that their weather is more like Las Vegas and that’s a good thing although LV recently got some very heavy rain!

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