Sunday, October 08, 2006

11:15 AM Sunday October 8, 2006

Our last day in Oregon is starting out on the chilly side. Only 52 degrees so far and it is after 10 AM MST. The sun is casting shadows and the sky is blue with high clouds but interestingly, it isn’t warming up very fast. Guess it really is October after all!

The time spent in Oregon has been very enjoyable. Tomorrow we will move east to Twin Falls, Idaho for another week. My cousin, Bobby and her husband, Johnny who live in Weiser, ID (about 12 miles from where we’re camped on the Oregon side of the Snake River) are walking encyclopedias about the Hell’s Canyon area of Idaho as both were raised and have lived all their lives in that part of Idaho. They have taken us up into the hills to see some spectacular rugged country above the canyon and I will tell you about that a little later.

For now, I’ll post some miscellaneous pictures we’ve taken along the way as we did some exploring around the area.

PS: It is now up to 56 degrees! Wow … heat wave!

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