Monday, October 16, 2006

10:28 AM Monday, October 16, 2006

This morning we leave for Salt Lake City, Utah. It rained pretty hard here in Twin Falls last night so it’s definitely time to move on.

Yesterday we took a drive and decided to take a side trip that climbs into Rock Creek Canyon. It is located south east of Twin Falls in the Sawtooth National Forest and the highway heads up into the mountains to Magic Mountain Ski Resort. Not much activity as yet but that will change when they get some snow, which at that elevation will probably happen pretty soon. Mixed in with the high mountain evergreens, the abundant Aspen trees with their heart shaped leaves have turned color and are glittering like shiny golden coins in the breeze, hence the nickname, Quacking Aspen. The canyon’s majestic volcanic cliffs tower over the road and join with the mountain meadows where we saw dozens of grazing mule deer—one group of more than twenty. It was a great ride!

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  1. Hello Joy & Phil, nice informative BLOG. We are in California. Nice travel.