Saturday, October 21, 2006

1:05 PM Saturday, October 21, 2006

One of the many delights of being a fulltime Rver and living this particular lifestyle is having the chance to visit our friends and family members who are scattered in every direction across the U.S.A. Every time we unhook from the grid and hit the road Phil and I are struck with a feeling of enormous gratitude that our health and our finances afford us this way of life. By comparison, we have given up so little in order to gain so much!

Just slightly more than two years ago we moved into our beautiful Penny the Pace, sold our house and made the decision to leave on our great adventure the Monday following our final Thanksgiving dinner and family get-together in 2004. Our path has not been without problems but my infamous saying, “If money can fix it, it’s not a problem!” still holds true. We certainly aren’t rich but every difficulty we have come across to date has been put right with money. We all know someone who has or had a genuine “problem” … where no amount of money could fix it … see my point?

None of our predicaments have been life-threatening or cause to end our nomad existence. Our health remains excellent and our home continues to keep us warm (or cool whichever the case may be) and dry and our little Lone Ranger carries us without complaint wherever we want to go as we examine and explore the area we are living in at the time. We do wish sometimes out little truck had a back seat and that will be dealt with someday down the road. For now, we continue to be happy with what we have.

Our latest family get-together was this past Wednesday at Phil’s 1st cousin once removed, (daughter of Phil’s cousin Randy-our computer guru—that I have mentioned several times before) Brandie’s house in Taylorsville. She called her sister, Jerri (a CNA in Riverdale) and she drove down with her four children to see us as well. Brandie’s husband, Jeff is a police officer and she works for the State of Utah. We haven’t seen them for several years so it was a wonderful evening. With their help, I caught up the genealogical information for Phil’s family tree, which was exciting for me

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