Tuesday, August 21, 2007

7:03 pm Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Many year ago when I began working on my family history and genealogy I gradually found and made contact with dozens of new “cousins” across the country. Some I already knew existed but many more were new to me. As I corresponded with them via letters and telephone calls in the beginning, then e-mail and for the few within a drivable distance from my home town in person, I discovered a plethora of jewels in my family tree. And my cup runneth over!

Our recent visit with my cousin Lea and her husband Bob in Medical Lake has gifted me with another of those gems. Lea is a year or so younger and her husband is a year older than me. Like I said in a previous post, Lea and I have corresponded over the past years but it was our first meeting in person. Phil and I were welcomed so warmly, we instantly felt like family.

“I have been riding since I was a youngster and broke my first horse when I was nine years old” Bob told us when I asked him where he learned the expertise used every day for training, riding and caring for the many horses on their ten acre ranch. Over 50 years ago when her father died while she was in high school Lea had to give up her horse when she moved in to town with her mother and sister. Finally, less than 20 years ago she was able to realize her never forgotten dream of moving back to the country where owning, riding and competing as well as training horses would again be possible. As they gave us a tour around the ranch we could sense the love and pride they both feel about this laborious lifestyle they have chosen, even into retirement.

In October 2007, they will celebrate 50 years of marriage with their children, grandchildren and their one great granddaughter as well as many other members of their family and friends from around the country. We will not be able to attend but we wish them much happiness and lots of beautiful new memories for many more years to come.

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