Sunday, August 12, 2007

11:20 am Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our last day in Moses Lake has dawned sunny and beautiful. The Pier 4 Campground (Coast to Coast park) where we parked Penny the Pace has experienced the ebb and flow of all manner of RVs during this past week. There are many empty sites around the perimeter of the park but we have pretty much determined they are for Class C RVs, truck campers and tent sites as most are very short back-ins. Most of the larger Class A sites are full.

We have been resting and exploring the area with the bonus of a wonderful visit with my COX cousin, Norine in Othello added for good measure. Thank you Norine for your hospitality! Of course, we made our usual stop at Wal*Mart for two prescriptions, groceries and some other supplies. We strolled through the little Farmer’s Market in mid-town and attended an afternoon matinee to see the new movie, “The Bourne Experience.” After sitting through two hours of intense action I am still not sure it is the “last” movie in the Bourne series. For those of you who care, the plot did answer some questions concerning the main character, Jason Bourne’s true identity before being programmed by the government as the “perfect” assassin.

A day trip to Cashmere via Quincy and back through Ephrata by way of as many back roads as possible was a wonderful experience. It was another one of the area’s typical grand weather days and driving down into the gorge then back up to over 3,000 feet gave us a major dose of wheat farming on top of the world! Absolutely gorgeous and my “farmer gene” was thoroughly sated with this view across thousands of acres of golden grain.

Tomorrow morning we are off to Spokane for a week. I have never spent any time there and am looking forward to checking out the area. Also, meeting a LITTLE cousin and her family in Medical Lake is a much anticipated visit. Lea and I have corresponded for many years but this will be our first face to face meeting.

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