Thursday, August 02, 2007

3:00 pm Thursday, August 2, 2007

Phil and I are counting down to our departure date. If all goes well at my final doctor follow-up tomorrow, (I do not anticipate any problems) we will be leaving our current location in Shelton, WA on Monday—August 6th.

Phil is fishing with his pal, Lester today. It will be the last time they can go out together before we head east. Our tentative itinerary is eastern WA, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico then finally, Arizona. I have a bad case of “Hitchitch” and feel we have again overstayed our welcome which seems to be the norm for us once we settle in here at Gloria and Lester’s “RV Park.” It doesn’t come much better than this unless maybe they had a lake next door for the guys to fish in everyday.

The time here in Shelton has flown by and it is hard to believe we have been fixed in one location for three months! We did move Penny the Pace to Olympia last week to get her new front tires. She is very proud of her new traveling shoes and they look good! They ought to—we considered taking out a loan to pay for them. However, unless the road drops out from beneath us (per the disaster in Minneapolis yesterday) we should now roll safely down the road for many more miles.

Here are pictures taken over the past few weeks:

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