Friday, August 24, 2007

6:48 pm Friday August 24, 2007

Yesterday our wonderful Penny the Pace delivered us safely across 6,375' Homestake Pass on I-90 then north on US 87 and US 12 to White Sulphur Springs, Montana. I white knuckled it all the way across but the 25 mph speed limit on the down side helped considerably. The “Home Park” for our Coast to Coast camping club membership is here at Conestoga RV Park. We only pay $3.00 per day for full hookups and can stay for two weeks if we choose. WSS is a typical small town that has not changed at all since we were here two years ago. No sign of any growth to speak of. Built on a high plateau, the area abounds with wheat and hay fields and lots of pasture for cattle and horses. I hope to get some writing done and Phil will do some fishing while we are here.

We were in Missoula for three nights and two days, arriving just a few days after the firefighters contained a major fire that burned right down to the edge and temporarily closed US 93, the road to Glacier National Park. The staging areas for the firefighters were just down the road from our RV Park as they continued the efforts to increase the area under containment. When we left Thursday morning, the 23rd, they were still at 35% but some rain and cooler weather with higher humidity and no wind was helping a lot. Here are some pictures of just part of the thousands of acres that were burnt around where we were parked.

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