Monday, April 02, 2007

9:58 a.m. Monday April 2, 2007

Two very special people in my life are having birthdays today. My much loved grandson, Joe, the father of my only great granddaughter is 27 today (seems like yesterday when he was born) and my lovely and extraordinary niece, Tammy is celebrating today as well. When baby Joey was born on her 10th birthday she became so excited, she made herself sick and didn't get to see him until he was two days old. Because these two share a birthday, they have always had a special bond. Happy Birthday Tammy and Joe!
Not too long ago I wrote about our “to do” list here in Penny the Pace. Well, after giving it some thought I have decided to change the name on our list.

The 42 items listed will no longer be “to do’s” in Arizona 2006-2007—the new title of the list will be “Suggested Tasks”. Now you might think I have made that change out of remorse because we are obviously not going to get everything done (about half are checked off) and you might be correct to some degree. However, the fact is I decided to change the name because of the “implied” pressure.

What is “implied” pressure? In my case, it is a trigger which creates anxiety. I look at the list, I begin obsessing and before I know it, I am having an anxiety attack brought on by GUILT for not getting everything “on the list” done in a timely manner. THAT is not the way we want to live in our retirement.

Phil and I created the list strictly as a reminder because in our “senior years”, unless we act on something immediately (we do manage to remember a lunch date for instance), if we do not write it down—we forget—simple as that. Somehow the "reminder list" turned into the "boss" and after a reality check ... I fired the boss.

Aaaahhh! I feel better already!

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