Sunday, April 29, 2007

9:48 p.m. Sunday April 29, 2007

We have had a wonderful weekend! Our treks along the back roads of Linn and Marion Counties in the Lone Ranger have taken us through some peaceful agrarian countryside. Ribbons of two-way lanes following property lines delineating hundreds of acres of green, lush fields and orchards renew our faith in the farmers of America. There is so much variety in the landscape around this area and so many different ways to cultivate the soil; we are mightily impressed with the expertise involved. This time of year, hop fields, grass and alfalfa along with berries, onions, and vineyards abound. Sweet smelling, rich, dark brown patches of earth freshly plowed and patiently anticipating seed is mixed in amongst the green. Our two days of slow meanderings have taken us alongside pastures filled with dairy and beef up to their knees in fodder along with Llamas, emus, horses and donkeys—a delightful variety of farm animals!

Also, it has been our privilege to visit with some much loved family members that live in the area. We went to see cousin Sandy, and her sister Dottie and husband, Sy in Newberg and met their newest granddaughter, Jasmine and said hello again to her big sister Jada. Dottie and Sy are babysitting giving the mom and dad a well deserved break. Believe it or not, we did not take one picture! Sometimes I wonder ...
Today we went to see my Aunt Lola, her husband Rees and their daughter and fulltime caregiver, my cousin, Sherry in Salem. Sherry's grandson, Wyatt and his mother, Josie were at the house for a few minutes so we got a quick hug as they went out the door. My Aunt is doing very well after suffering a stroke recently.
Tomorrow morning we will hand over our Penny the Pace to the competent mechanics at McKay Trucking and we will let you know the results ASAP

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