Tuesday, April 24, 2007

9:03 p.m. Tuesday April 24, 2007

Today was a beautiful day so Phil and I went out and played. We drove south to Chico on old historic Highway 99 and came back for a lovely early dinner out on the deck at the Riverside Grill on the bank of the Sacramento River or should I say “stream” at this point in time. A diversion dam located on the east bank of the Sacramento River downstream from Red Bluff appears to influences the depth along with perhaps whatever amount of rainfall is received. For the biggest river in California originating on Mt. Shasta and emptying into the California Delta, it sure is a docile little waterway in Red Bluff today.

We are camped at the Elks Lodge and Penny’s master bedroom suite is backed up facing the freeway. It is a wonderful spot to rest for a day or two but the traffic noise is unbelievably loud and although it quiets down at night … it continues to be bothersome. We came across the Moose Lodge just south of town and they have about ten water/electric hookups and we were coveting the quiet until a train came barreling by across the highway. A road crossing initiated a shrill series of whistles and suddenly, the Elks seemed just fine after all.

The one little cup of coffee I drank last night (we hardly ever drink coffee past noon) with my strawberry rhubarb pie ala mode at Shari’s Restaurant was keeping me awake to maximize my enjoyment of the symphonic road noise then, to top off my fitful, sleep deprived night—the carbon dioxide sensor located above my bedroom window went off about 2 a.m.! At first I thought maybe we were being asphyxiated by the nonstop traffic on I-5 but calmer heads prevailed when Phil decided the batteries were going dead. Of course, they could not keep quiet about it until morning. Needless to say, we spent the rest of the night sans sniffer. This morning we realized we were out of AA batteries so after purchasing a fresh supply, Phil added new ones tonight. I think I will be putting our battery changing chores on a schedule.

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