Friday, January 12, 2007

We have moved east of Yuma about 160 miles to a small RV park in tiny Stanfield, AZ. It is about 15 minutes from the city of Casa Grande which we have found has continued to grow like wildfire since we were here last. An aggressive wind storm followed us but blew itself out last night. For some reason our Datastorm dish couldn’t find the satellite so we were “internet-less” last night. We had decided to move to another sight this morning thinking it was because of where we were parked but with one last try, we connected without a problem. Go figure?

In am very happy we didn’t have to move because we are in a space on the end of a row with a beautiful cactus garden and no other RVs outside our slide windows. We have hung the hummingbird feeder and have seen two of the little rascals already today. I’m enjoying the view after being in our former park for a couple months where the only thing we could see out our windows was blacktop, the clubhouse and RVs in every direction. Not much to look at … that is for sure but it is so handy to our Aunt Elaine, cousin Nada and downtown Yuma, it is a trade off we are willing to make.

One happy discovery we made today was the new Golden Corral Restaurant is up and running! We had a lovely dinner there this afternoon before heading to Wal*Mart to do our shopping. We'll be eating at home tomorrow as Phil has volunteered to make his famous spaghetti. Yummm!

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