Monday, January 22, 2007

12:18 pm Monday January 22, 2006

Would you believe we have lived in our coach for two and a half years and not until a week ago used the built-in catalytic heater? I remember the “sales pitch” of how well it worked given by the former owner, Tim. He said, “It keeps the coach so toasty, it’s like having a fireplace.” We didn’t give it much thought because WE were not going to be taking the coach anywhere that wasn’t warm! HA!

Rather than take the “trouble’ to learn how to use it we bought a small electric heater to take the chill off when we ran into cooler weather and of course, we used our big furnace once in awhile. All this time our backup has been curling up in afghans when the mercury dipped below comfort level (which thankfully wasn’t too often … until now).

When we arrived in Stanfield Arizona we went to visit our snowbird friends, J.D. and Taralea. Of course, the center of our conversation was the “unusual” cold we are experiencing in the desert. Everyone is complaining except the residents who live here year round. “It feels good for a change” is their usual response to our whining.

During our visit, J.D. told us a story about receiving his new portable catalytic heaters (one for the house and one for their toy-hauler trailer). We admitted we had never used ours and he said, “Try it, you will love it.” We came home and the next day Phil spent 30 seconds (duh!) figuring out how to use it and I am almost embarrassed to admit we’ve been singing it’s praises ever since. Tim and J. D.—you were right, we love it!

However, we would still much rather be worrying about how to stay cool!

Here are a couple pictures. I wanted to download a few more but I am experiencing some problems with my picture program, “Hello”. I used Blogger to insert these two and it took so long, I gave up in frustration. When I get this all figured out, I will share more pictures with you …

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