Thursday, January 25, 2007

9:10 am Thursday January 25, 2007

We have a mail forwarding service in Olympia, Washington. About every two weeks we give them a call and they send our accumulated mail via “priority mail” to the address we give them over the telephone. We always have them repeat the address back to us before we hang up to make sure they wrote it down correctly.

The service was working perfectly then, six months into our going fulltime, they lost a package of mail. All because the zip code was one digit off. The package was eventually returned to our service and was resent to us, arriving without incident. However, not only did it cost us travel time, it cost us money as we sat in a pricey RV park (we had planned to stay one week) in Sacramento California for an extra two weeks while we waited—expecting it “any day now” and that day didn’t come.

Our service has been flawless now for two years but nobodies perfect and we have another package of mail floating around out in United State Postal Service land … somewhere … looking for Joy and Phil. If you see it, tell it to go home, okay?

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