Wednesday, January 17, 2007

10:40 am Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We continue to “live and learn” in this, our fulltime RVing lifestyle. In 2 ½ years of being “fulltimers” we have never run out of propane. Always seeking the sunshine, minimal boondocking (which means we are plugged into electricity almost always) eating out often and rarely running the furnace has kept our usage to a minimum.

This “cold snap” we are experiencing in Arizona is shaking up my cozy little habits! Our small electric heater is failing miserably in an attempt to keep us warm and we are using the big furnace every day. Always, in the past the heater has been more than adequate (except the time we were snowbound in Payson, AZ in March of 2006). One morning, a couple days ago our water was froze up but fortunately it thawed out within an hour of the sun coming up, so no damage was done (our hookups are facing east). Phil insulated the pipe that day to avoid a reoccurrence.
Another change we have made is in our food preparation routine. We are on a “cooking kick” and that means using the kitchen range a lot more often—upping our propane usage in that department as well. Of course, we use the crock pot or the electric skillet at times and Phil uses the outdoor grill. We even learned to use the convection oven (duh!) and of course, the microwave is our right hand—still the usage has increased.
Fortunately, our hot water tank is electric or gas so that is one usage that has remained the same. However, Phil told me this morning our propane tank is nearly empty! We have only been set up here in this park for a week and never dreamed we would need propane this soon or we would have filled it on the way in. The only saving grace is that this park has a fill-station so we don’t have to leave the property to get a refill.

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