Saturday, January 13, 2007

1:08 pm Saturday, January 13, 2007

Those of you that keep track of Rvers doing their "thing" around the country and read a forum or two along the way may be aware of the dance we satellite TV viewers have been doing in an attempt to get local channels or network broadcasting. One version for Dish was called “distant networks” but that option is in the middle of a radical shake-up and so Phil chose the alternative until all the kinks are worked out.

Without networks, our TV watching is varied but lacks the local news and weather, up to date movie critiques and the “gossip” I get by watching the Today Show, The View, Martha and my favorite of all, Sunday Morning on CBS. So, in order to satisfy my television addiction, more often than not, we have had to limit our park choices to ones that have cable TV available.

Well … all that is behind us … finally! After two and a half years of living fulltime in our wonderful Penny the Pace, we now have networks available on our satellite TV. Of course, we must pay an additional $5.00 a month—I am almost embarrassed to admit that part, LOL! However, the one drawback will be making a call to Dish when changing our location as we travel around the country. This is a small inconvenience in order to widen our choices of places to hunker down for a month or two.

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