Monday, April 24, 2006

12:20 PM Monday April 24, 2006

Sunday we had a wonderful get-together with my aunts and my cousin at a great restaurant here in Yuma named "J.B.'s". They serve "brunch" until 2 PM on Sunday and it was very good as well as reasonably priced with a nice senior discount. Afterward we all went to Elaine's and spent several enjoyable hours visiting. Beverly browsed through a box of Nada's original watercolors she has had copied onto note cards and she picked out three of them to frame. Nada does beautiful work and is very prolific having shown her originals in two art fairs here in Yuma recently as well as receiving a very complimentary review in the local newspaper. I am very proud of her! I think I will ask her permission to post a couple of her pictures on the blog.

I'm feeling much better with each passing day. Thank goodness! Also, thanks to everyone who wrote with suggestions about how to avoid further urinary tract infections. Several proposals make a lot of sense and I will certainly take them into consideration. Again, THANK YOU!

Still no news from our insurance appraiser. Phil left a voice-mail and is waiting for them to return his call.

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