Sunday, April 30, 2006

10:40 AM Sunday April 30, 2006


The appraiser’s estimate for repair on the Lone Ranger is $3,500. This past Friday the lady in the body shop office said she would be ordering the parts needed “right now.” She also told Phil it would take 5-7 days to receive them. Where from? Is there a central American “parts warehouse” from where all Ford parts must be ordered? They most likely will come via truck … obviously a slow truck (unlike the 18-wheelers we’ve experienced on the interstates) cross-country. Okay, not much we can do to hurry that process.

Then she said, once the parts arrive we are looking at about two weeks for the work to be done. What!!! Phil says even taking into account the paint matching process he believes there is no more than 40 hours of work. Since the squeaky wheel gets the oil, we will be “in their face” every day hoping to keep things moving.

Unfortunately, even if they manage to get the work done in a timely fashion we will still need to reschedule all of our medical appointments to later dates and postpone the week of shop time we wanted for Penny the Pace in Albany, OR because to make the current dates and get the blood work needed we were scheduled to leave last week. So much for planning!

On the bright side … we really like Yuma. In spite of the fact that the weather is getting warmer every day and triple digits are in the immediate forecast, we will try very much to enjoy the extra time here in this beautiful desert country. My aunts are leaving for WA on Monday and we are going to miss them. But, my cousin, Nada lives here year-round so we’ll still have family in the area. To quote Martha, that’s “a good thing”!

Last night the five of us went to “Britain’s” restaurant and had a farewell dinner together. Great steaks and prime rib in a very cowboy-like, barn style atmosphere. It was great fun with great conversation along with good food … perfect combination. Aunt Elaine suggested going to this eatery and it did not disappoint. Even Nada had never been there before so she was happy to have the opportunity to check it out.

Last week Phil and I drove down to the border and walked over to Algodones Mexico where we bought a few months worth of my diabetes medications. We saved hundreds of dollars and finally found out what all the fuss is about. It’s no wonder thousands of seniors make the trek a couple times a year. It’s easy, it’s fast and the employees of the pharmacies are helpful and very knowledgeable. We also picked up some anti-viral ointment ($4 vs. $14) and one 7-day round of antibiotics (no prescription needed) as well as Phil’s Beta-blocker medication. His medicine is cheap in the USA but 70% cheaper in Mexico … making it nearly free so of course we purchased a three-month supply. Before we headed down there, I made a list of all our meds and what we pay for them to use for comparison and it was a useful tool while we were shopping.

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